BALTIMORE CONSENT DECREE UPDATE: Monitoring Team: Neighborhood Liaison Weekly Community Engagement

(BALTIMORE – January 14, 2019) – reached out to the Baltimore Monitoring Team regarding the latest on the Department of Justice-implemented (DOJ) Consent Decree designed to improve the Baltimore Police Department’s (BPD) actions in the community as a result of the Freddie Gray Unrest of 2015.

Darnyle Wharton replied to us with some information the community needs to know. He said that their Monitoring Team “just put out our draft of our third year monitoring plan.”

He added, “The Monitoring Team, BPD, the City and DOJ seek to obtain the community’s feedback on the draft of the Third Year Monitoring Plan. The Monitoring Team would like to know whether community members and police officers believe the draft reflects the correct priorities based on both the requirements of the Consent Decree and the progress BPD has made in the first two years of monitoring. All members of the community are invited to share their views. Click here and it will take you to the plan:”

Wharton said, “We will also be discussing the draft of the BPD’s community policing plan at our upcoming quarterly public forum. I have attached the flyer for it. It would be awesome if you could share the flyer with your networks because we are looking to have many residents attend and it will be in the same community that sparked the creation of the Consent Decree, Sandtown.”
Lastly, Wharton shared the schedule of the neighborhood liaisons’ weekly engagement hours in their respective districts:

Pamela Curtis – Northwest District – Every Thursday 1-2PM – Enoch Pratt Library
– Forest Park Branch 1302 Garrison Blvd 21216

Miller Roberts – Northern District – January 4th, 18th, and 25th 2-4PM – Enoch
Pratt Library – Govans Branch 5714 Bellona Avenue 21212

Kenji Jackson – Northeastern District – Every Friday 10:30-11:30AM – Enoch Pratt
Library – Herring Run Branch 3801 Erdman Avenue 21213

Alvonia Allen – Southwestern District – Every Thursday 2-4PM – Enoch Pratt
Library – Edmondson Branch 4330 Edmondson Avenue 21229

Melva Dunaway – Southern District – Every Thursday 3-4PM – Enoch Pratt
Library – Cherry Hill Branch 606 Cherry Hill Road 21225

Howard Roberts – Eastern District – Every Wednesday 12:30PM-1:30PM –
Eastern Community Action Partnership Center 1731 East Chase Street 21213

Magdalena Tsiongas – Southeastern District – Thursday Jan. 9th and 23rd 5–7PM
– Enoch Pratt Library – Southeast Anchor Branch 3601 Eastern Avenue 21224

Wanda Watts – Central District – Every Friday 11A-1P – Nancy By Snac – 131
West North Avenue

Kassie Boykin – Western District – Every Thursday 11:30AM-1:30PM – St.
Gregory’s Soup Kitchen 1542 N. Gilmor Street 21217