Sheila Dixon for Mayor: THIS IS IT!


This is it!  At midnight tomorrow, I’ll close our books on the first fundraising period. We have $4,900 left to raise.

I know we can close this gap.  Will you help us? Chip in $10 now so we can reach our goal by MIDNIGHT tomorrow.

As the person who has to tell Sheila what resources we’ll have to spread our message and respond to the attacks, your support has made my life a lot easier. You’ve come through for us before, and as a result, we’re running a strong race.

If you’ve already given-thank you!  Please forward this to a friend!

Please – if you haven’t donated before, now is the time. Click here to make a contribution towards our first filing deadline.

Thank you for everything!

-Rachael Rice

   Finance Director

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By Authority: Friends for Sheila Dixon, Geneva Smith, Treasurer
Dixon for Mayor
17 W Courtland Street
Suite 210
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