Opinion: December 2019 Baltimore Ravens gave Pope Francis an official NFL Ravens jersey with the #8 on it

By Ori Shabazz (shabazzori@gmail.com)

(BALTIMORE – December 28, 2019) – Recently, the Baltimore Ravens gave the Pope an official NFL Ravens jersey with none other than #8 on the back. However, instead of Lamar Jackson’s name being on the back of the jersey, it read ‘Francis’ – ‘Francis’ #8.

For the record, any official Ravens jersey representing the 2019 season with the #8 on it should have the name Jackson on the back.

The jersey’s presentation to the Pope, like this message, is without malice. Nonetheless, unlike the presentation to the Pope, the aim of this message is to help keep the historical record straight. 
After a few decades, historical accuracies are oftentimes jeopardized. See the story about Bass Reaves (YouTube).
If the Ravens decide to give away another official 2019 Ravens jersey, and let’s say – it has the number 7 on it, McSorley’s name has to be on the back of that jersey. 
The Ravens is a very cohesive team; such cohesiveness and accuracies about who’s who can be maintained.
Much debate is afloat to determine if Bass was/is the real “Lone Ranger”. We need not have doubts about who wore #8 for the Baltimore Ravens’ 2019 season.