Delegate Cheryl Glenn Indicted for Bribery, Wire Fraud

(BALTIMORE – December 23, 2019) – It’s another sad day in Baltimore politics as Eastside Delegate Cheryl Glenn is yet another politician who has bit the dust. Charged with bribery and wire fraud, Glenn abruptly resigned last week. According to WBAL TV 11, “Glenn is accused of accepting $33,750 in bribes in exchange for voting for a bill to increase medical marijuana grower licenses.”

To her credit, Glenn was a strong advocate who worked to ensure that Blacks would have a seat at the table regarding the presumably lucrative medical marijuana industry recently launched in Maryland.

On the streets, however, heads are whizzing. There are all kinds of questions and speculation as to, for instance, where did the money originate?

Meanwhile, the Black community in Baltimore was riddled with 10 shootings and 3 deaths over this past weekend.

Stay-tuned to, the news before the news …