POLITICS 2020: Mike Higginbotham for Congress, 7th District

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A New Vision: Focused
  • End mass incarceration with sensible rehabilitative and treatment programs.
  • Prevent the next housing and financial crisis – eliminate student debt now.
  • Focus health care debate on providing affordable and accessible mental health care for all.
  • Demand regional transportation for Baltimore – Maryland residents pay disproportionately more taxes than they receive, it’s our turn for funding.
  • Stop the calls – A complete ban on Robo Calls nationwide.
  • Lower taxes for small businesses.
  • Complete support for the Impeachment of Donald Trump.
  • Brown University A.B.
  • Yale Law School J.D.
  • Cambridge University LL.M
  • University of Baltimore School of Law Faculty, Joseph Curtis Professor of law

FMI, visit https://higginbothamforcongress.com/