I am running for Mayor of Baltimore

Over the past three years, I’ve been approached over and over again by residents across the city, at the supermarket, the gym, sporting events and church, who ask me: Sheila, will you please run for Mayor again?  

For months I have prayed, spoken with my family, met with members of the community, and asked whether I can make a difference in a City facing so many struggles.

This past Saturday morning, I announced that I am running for Mayor of Baltimore.

Our City is desperate for a Mayor who is a tenacious leader and can assemble a great team to deliver greater results for all of Baltimore.

Baltimore deserves a Mayor who demonstrates the tenacity of hope, someone who has vision, ingenuity and a sincere concern for public safety-and the people who deliver it-public schools and public sense of well-being.

I am running for Mayor of Baltimore because I can and I will fix this City.

I refuse to accept a murder rate that is rising despite a population that is slipping away.

I will not tolerate neighborhoods living in fear of robberies, break-ins and car thefts.

I will take on disparities in education, healthcare and housing without simply throwing money at these problems.

I will restore hope to our City, especially our young people.  Education is more than bricks and mortar, more than reactionary policies and school policing.  Education is the ability to inspire children to look beyond their personal circumstances and believe in themselves.  This isn’t just the teacher’s job.  This is our job: city leadership, community leadership and leadership in the home.

We are a city of great potential, but this will not be easy.  Together-and we must work together-we have what it takes to get this done.

Baltimore, I am running to fix this City, and to fix it now.

Today, I am asking today for your support and your vote.


By Authority: Friends for Sheila Dixon, Geneva Smith, Treasurer
Friends for Sheila Dixon
P.O. Box 67023
Baltimore MD 21215 United States