TGR: Thiru Vignarajah: Not the Choir Boy He Portrays

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By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – December 14, 2019) – During the 2018 statewide election cycle in Maryland, Thiru Vignarajah ran for Baltimore City State’s Attorney. I remember that campaign all too well. What was initially a square-off between incumbent State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and challenger Ivan Bates, Esquire became a three-horse race. Advantage: Incumbent.

It was my first time covering this man who often makes reference to his care for the people of this city. He would talk about his dad, who was a teacher in the school system. It was like he was painting a canvas of familiarity. However, I had never really heard about Vignarajah prior to this election.

As time went on in the campaign, I began to notice a thing or two about this man who is, a year and some change later, now running for mayor. One thing he tends to do a lot is belittle his opponents without effectively demonstrating where he knows better. ‘I know the answer and you don’t!’ That’s what I get from his antics. What I do not see is a leader with the team-building skills necessary to effectively understand the people of Baltimore. ALL of the people. I just don’t see genuine love in this guy. You’ve got to do more than just put a couple of Black kids in your TV commercials to convince folks that you truly identify with their pain. And let’s face it, the people need healing – and a leader who recognizes the signs.

I personally think he lacks a track record. Now, I get it. Losing an election can take a heavy toll on a person and their supporters. And he’s not the only one who ran for office last year and is running this year, too. However, when such a thing happens – a lot of candidates lose sight in the process, I think. Quite often, they forget the basics in their personal quest to rise in party politics. I think Malcolm put it best: “You can’t serve the people if you don’t love the people.” And you have to remember that public service is about the people.

What I really think I see in Vignarajah is a non-Black man pretending to magically be my best friend all of a sudden, but in all actuality, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And while pundits suggest Martin O’Malley is assisting Brandon Scott’s campaign, I think Vignarajah is much more like O’Malley than Scott.

Vignarajah, if I have him pegged correctly, would be a tyrant strapped with a Napoleonic complex looking to put Black folks in Baltimore City on a reservation. He’s going to say what he thinks people want to hear until he gets into the seat. And then, bam!

Baltimore needs love. Any kindergartner can see that we, as adults, are really off the hook and too many of us lack love. The distractions of a very complicated world have stolen time – time we can never get back. Yet, we can stop, drop, and roll. We can get back to having family time, eating together, and regularly going to PTA meetings. We can get back to participating in community meetings and clean-ups, even if it is just outside our door. And we can get back to taking ownership of our communities in Baltimore once again with the very cooperative help of a Mayor and a City Council that is constantly listening to the needs of the people and responding in full force.

And we need this in all neighborhoods, not just some. There are parts of this city that have not been cleaned since forever. Today, I saw clean-up crews in my alley after years of omission. And my neighborhood is not unique. It’s all across the city: lots of vacants. lots of trash, and let’s not forget this new phenomenon of homeless addicts from everywhere but Baltimore walking through the streets and alleys all hours of the day and night.

Instead of taking care of the citizens, we have seen the economically challenged communities of East and West Baltimore utterly neglected and cast aside. But, I digress.

As for the choir boy, Thiru Vignarajah, there were three YouTube videos that first surfaced in the 2018 election showing Vignarajah as not the saint he portrays while attacking everybody else.

My point is simple: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Our city is in chaos. The last thing we need is a leader tearing down people to make himself look good. Instead, try building up others – especially if one is going to lead what is otherwise … the Greatest City in America.

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