TGR: Baltimore’s Mayor for Life is Back!

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – December 14, 2019) – Well, today it finally happened! The long-awaited decision from former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was made known today. She is, in fact, running once again for the chief executive seat for the City of Baltimore. As a supporter, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful this news is.

This woman is the honey badger of politics. No matter what is thrown at her, she bounces back like a rubber ball. She is a competitor. She’s up for the challenge. Indeed, this is a Christmas gift of magnanimous proportions for tens of thousands of voters who supported her run the last time.

As a Black journalists who has covered politics in Baltimore for the past 25 years, hands down, I can say without a shadow of doubt that Dixon is absolutely, unequivocally the best person to lead this city.

Now, granted, there are certainly some non-supporters out there. In the last citywide election in 2016, there were people who were Catherine Pugh supporters I had no idea about in the Black community. I knew Pugh had some fans in the White community, but there were a lot of folks in the Black community who voted for Pugh over Sheila.

As we later found out, Pugh fooled a lot of people, including the mainstream media in Baltimore that was busy talking trash about Sheila Dixon. The media failed Baltimore by not reporting the truth. It’s so-called investigative journalists missed the 600 pound gorilla in the room – and that was the illegal campaign contributions and some 2,000 chicken boxes to coerce campaign job seekers to vote for Pugh. And we cannot forget the 1,800 voting irregularities in the 2016 primary. Incidentally, there were 200 voting irregularities in the other 23 jurisdictions in Maryland combined. It was such a mess that the State Board of Elections de-certified the initial voting results and did a recount.

But, that didn’t stop the honey badger. Dixon and her supporters, although she supposedly lost the primary by some 2,000 votes, went back out to the streets and ultimately garnered over 51,000 votes as a write-in candidate.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t care who you are, your race, your sex, or the part of town you live in. If you can get 51,000 people to vote for you, that means you have positively impacted a lot of folks. And in a town as tough as Baltimore, that says a lot.

So, as we strap-up for the next four months of forums, speeches, interviews and the like – I am just glad to know that Dixon is still a fighter and is willing to put it all out there so that we can get this city back on track.

The last time, she was robbed. Even more, the people were robbed. What we have had since is a serious lack of leadership, violence that is off the chain, no vision for the Black community, and a school system with a lack of wisdom and accountability. There is no wonder why the youth are in a bad place right now. We have failed them, our future, their future, and generations yet unborn.

But, again, today gave many of us a glimmer of hope. Truth be told, today’s news is right up there with the Ravens in my book! I and others really and truly know that this time around, she will win. It doesn’t matter how retarded the media acts or how wicked the enemy will be this time. This is Sheila’s time and nobody can stop it. We believe a pathway has been opened for her to walk right in on Day 1 and get to work. No other candidate has the passion, the commitment, nor the experience that she has. Even more, this is the only post she has ever wanted. Where a litany of candidates and elected officials have their name in the ring for various other positions, Dixon has also maintained a singular focus.

One last thing: If you think Dixon was sent thru hell and back simply over some gift cards, then you truly do not understand the real story. Dixon was targeted because she had the testicular fortitude to speak up for the people most impacted by the abrasive policies of the O’Malley administration. Where Martin O’Malley had zero respect for Black women, including former Baltimore City State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy, Sheila Dixon was that proud, Black woman who stood up to him. A classic example is when Dixon chose her own police chief, contrary to O’Malley’s suggestion. For this and other reasons, Dixon became a problem for O’Malley, who was governor at the time. Despite it all, Dixon’s choice of Commissioner Fred Bealefeld proved to be just one of her best decisions. Crime was attacked differently, violent offenders were apprehended, and people felt better about living in Baltimore – at least in the Black community where one in six Baltimoreans were arrested under O’Malley’s Zero Tolerance policies.

In any event, I thank God for today’s announcement and am ready to get out there and beat the pavements, knock on doors, make phone calls, and donate whatever I can to Dixon For Baltimore. And if you want to help, I’m sure Sheila Dixon will be more than grateful for your assistance, too! #DixonForMayor #Baltimore #GreatestCityInAmerica