Talmadge Branch Files for Maryland’s 7th District Congressional Seat

(BALTIMORE – November 15, 2019) – Talmadge Branch will file as a Democratic candidate for the vacated seat of U.S. House of Representative Elijah J. Cummings on Friday, November 15th, at 11:00am, at the Maryland Board of Elections. As a member of the House of Delegates representing the 45th Legislative District, Branch currently serves as the House Majority Whip, the third highest ranking elected official in the Maryland House of Delegates. He has previously served as the Vice Chairman of the Maryland House Appropriations Committee, the Vice-Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party, and the Chair of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus.

“The 7th Congressional District needs someone who has had a continued and uninterrupted foothold in the political landscape. Someone who has developed and maintained relationships with city, county, state and federal officials.  In this current divided political climate, I believe in working with elected officials on both sides of the aisles,” Branch said. “The 7th District needs someone who can expand on Cummings’ legacy by continuing to deliver service, but also a person who will labor for a better shared future for all,” he added.

In addition, he would also prioritize for the 7th congressional district disaster relief, infrastructure improvements, access to clean water, storm water management, opioid treatment and greater protections for federal employees.

Branch has experience on Capitol Hill as the Special Assistant to former Congressman Parren J. Mitchell. He worked in Mitchell’s Capitol Hill office and district offices handling community issues for the district. Branch took what he learned working with Mitchell on the Hill and applied those skills to the numerous leadership positions he has held in the Maryland General Assembly, including Vice Chair of Appropriations.

Over the span of his political career, Branch has fought for public safety; sick leave; minimum wage; access to health care; education, foster care; and mental health care. He has a proven ability in procuring funds for the community.

Fall 2018, Branch’s grandson was fatally shot. Branch took his pain from the loss of his grandson and used it to bring attention to the plight of his community by introducing policy and legislation to increase funding for the Safe Streets program. He lobbied across the aisle to garner support and secured $3.6 million for his district.

Branch was raised, educated and continues to live in the 7th District.