2nd Annual National Black Wall Street Summit 2019 at Coppin State University was a Success!

The 2nd Annual National Black Wall Street Summit 2019 at Coppin State. Special thanks to DHCD.

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – November 14, 2019) – First, giving honor to God and to our ancestors – I am so very grateful for the outcome of today’s 2nd National Black Wall Street Summit at Coppin State. Between Walter Edwards, a Harlem developer whose group helped transform 116th Street into a happening place for African Americans and who came down to Baltimore just for the conference, and Ron Busby, the CEO of the US Black Chambers, Inc., a conglomerate of 145 Black chambers around the country – today’s event was simply fantastic.

Walter Edwards, 2nd from right, came to summit today from New York City. He is a Harlem-based developer. (L to R) Coppin Prof. Hyacinth Ezeka, Sheila Dixon, Edwards and moderator Marsha Jews, who also owned a business in Harlem.

Very special thanks goes to Coppin State University Professor Hyacinth Ezeka, Joe Manns Awards, our moderator, Marsha Jews, Baltimore County Council Chair Julian Jones – one of today’s sponsors, and everyone else who made today so impactful.

Baltimore City Comptroller Joan Pratt came and dropped knowledge on the audience from a CPA’s perspective. One thing she said is that if a business owner is too heavily focused on the largest possible tax return, that’s a sign that a business is out of sync. The point is that if we are to truly run our businesses professionally, then there are certain steps we must regularly take to attain control of our finances. Businesses, at the end of the day, have to show a profit in order to be considered for business loans.

And we must be aware of our credit status and its limitations – particularly if you are African American, according to Busby. The old tactics of redlining have never left.

That’s the game. That’s how a bank views us when our record keeping is sloppy and we cannot effective show our financial status on paper. And this is exactly why we wanted her to come and participate on one of our panels. The Harbor Bank of Maryland also sent representation, as did the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). For the second year in a row, DHCD sent Todd Scott who really does a good job helping the audience understand how to navigate opportunities with his agency.

We covered, in short, accounting and credit, gentrification, and how a business owner best turns on the dime in an ever-dynamic 21st century business environment. Pam Reaves, a senior business executive/ coach/author/and creator of a beauty line of products, brought the fire! Lastly, we were graced by political leaders from the state and federal level – as well as three well-known politicos, Sheila Dixon, now-Congressional candidate Kweisi Mfume, Baltimore County’s own Council Chair, Julian Jones. All three attended last year’s event, as well.

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