(BALTIMORE – October 30, 2019) – What happens when determination leads one’s instinct? It’s simple! It takes you to regions never explored with hopes of making a dream a reality. As a result of continued determination, the JET Cosmetics team is taking its brand building mission to Europe November 2019.

J.E.T. was established in 2000 as a cosmetics/skincare brand and was officially verified through American Made Beauty for having met FDA compliance for cosmetic branding. Since its existence, J.E.T. has gained longevity in the beauty world as a recognized Independent Brand that targets a wide range demographic. Having experienced several highs in e-commerce retail, beauty expos, being a brand sponsor for major platforms, etc., the founder of the company is taking a huge leap of faith to explore the London beauty consumer population.

What does this mean for J.E.T.? It means the brand is closer to its goal to be an international beauty brand. Supporters and consumers are welcomed to visit the website for updates about all new developments related to this venture especially as there will be more to come.

For more information about J.E.T. Cosmetics, to obtain product samples for the purpose of submitting a published beauty review, or to arrange an exclusive viewing of the products, please call 347-903-7116 or email