Black Wall Street BALTIMORE to Recognize Christine Patterson, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Oct. 9th

(BALTIMORE – October 8, 2019) – Be sure to RSVP at for Black Wall Street BALTIMORE on Wed., Oct. 9, 2019 from 6 to 8 pm at Next Phaze Cafe, 112 E. Lexington Street in Downtown Baltimore.

At our ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES events, we celebrate Black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. To date, we have honored over 1,500 individuals in 6 US cities: New York, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Atlanta and New Orleans.

This week’s honorees include Christine Patterson.

Who is Christine?
In her own words, “My interest in holistic health & well being began in high school with yoga during track practice, then emerged into a private practice in college and beyond eventually unfolding into a space of guiding others into and through their own yoga practice both on and off the mat.”

She added, “My love of holistic health and wellness has also flourished through the healing art of massage therapy which I practice as both a table side therapist and a trade professor. Informing my clients and students of the in-depth inner world that lives within their bodies. Teaching both about how their daily lives have an effect on the way the body presents itself and how to be knowledgeable and safely proactive in body healing. As a Reiki practitioner and Energy worker, I’m there to hold safe space for clarity, acknowledgement and release – giving my clients and my students a way to align and balance on a spiritual level. My career and passion for wellness, holistic well-being and authenticity permeate all that I do. I love to learn new things and I’m always researching, studying and training to enhance my knowledge and abilities as a wellness professional. My goal is to provide authentic holistic healing utilizing my skills as a multifaceted bodywork practitioner to provide skilled and intuitive healing services to every client and student with which I come in contact.”