Photo: Morah O’Neal, spouse of Brother Jamaal, speaking at a recent rally in support of the Taylor family.

Greetings Division 330 Family:

The members of the Garvey Tubman X Division #172 are mourning the loss of a brother member Jamaal Taylor who was shot and killed last Saturday in an incident of yet to truthfully determined circumstances. But as has so often happened when a Black man is shot by police in any part of the USA the missing links to exonerate the police will be manufactured unless recorded evidence to the contrary is undeniable. The UNIA-ACL has been silent on this issue for too long and must now take an intellectual approach to reproach because the present strategy by the multiple entities active in criticizing police misconduct is not working.

The spouse and children of Brother Jamaal has had some public support expressed in a rally in Baltimore and a second rally for Monday 10/7 at 7PM will be held at the site of the shooting at 11350 Shawan Road, Executive Plaza, Hunt Valley, MD.Marah O’Neal, the spouse of Brother Jamaal Taylor, in a recent statement said that Brother Jamaal was gunned down by police after accusations of him stabbing civilians and Jamaal was seen on video walking away from the police was gunned down after turning around.

Please send your condolences to the brothers and sisters of Division 172 and the family of Brother Jamaal Taylor by emailing Division 172 President Kamose Muhammad at kamosemuhammad@gmail.com.
Baba Mosi, Division President.