New Book: Still On this Journey, The Vision and Mission of Dr. Ron Daniels

Still On this Journey
The Vision and Mission of Dr. Ron Daniels

By Dr. Ron Daniels

This book focuses on the vision, mission, values and philosophy which have served as the driving force behind my near lifelong journey for justice and provides perspectives on the Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW) as the culminating project, my legacy endeavor. The medium for accomplishing this is through selected Vantage Point articles and essays published in Black and progressive newspapers over these many years. And, of course there is a concluding section on IBW.

Conscious of the reality that we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and that success is is not a solitary accomplishment, but the result of the contributions of family, friends and supporters, in the Autobiographical Acknowledgements, I delight in calling the names of scores of people who have made me what I have become. It’s been a long time coming, but the first book is finally here!


Book Available: Still On this Journey: The Vision and Mission of Dr. Ron Daniels Book Details

ISBN: 9780578414270
Publisher: Dr. Ron Daniels
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 09/21/19
Page Count: 458
Category: Comparative Politics
Category: History, General
Language: English
Dimensions: 9 x 6


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Dr. Ron Daniels is the quintessential scholar-activist. His book, Still on This Journey: The Vision and Mission of Dr. Ron Daniels, and his words illuminate our nation’s critical challenges and contradictions and offer solutions to our most intractable problems. He has lifted his voice and garnered influence, for Haiti, for reparations, for criminal justice reform, and for a host of equally important issues. Ron Daniels is my brother, my leader, my friend, and I am delighted that this book will expand his audience and remind us of the possibilities for Black people as we continue to struggle for justice.

Dr. Julianne Malveaux
Political Economist, Author, Commentator,
President Emeritus, Bennett College for Women


God created the heavens and the earth in 7 days but that was not quite as hard as Dr. Ron Daniels task of saving the Black World. Thus his long awaited book; Still on This Journey: The Vision and Mission of Dr. Ron Daniels is an exquisite compilation of his brilliant editorial, thoughts and insights on his lifelong journey of service and deliverance. A sort of living diary of the battle to free the minds of Africans in America. Dr. Daniels is a scholar and masterful teacher-activist. We have mentored and coached each other in our respective fields, but, like you, once you have read his powerful words and ideas you too will feel you got the best end of the friendship. Thank you Dr. Daniels for this long awaited masterwork.

Dr. George C. Fraser
Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur


Dr. Ron Daniels is one the most committed and consistent scholar/activists of our time. Blessed with a keen intellect, he is a gifted writer, master organizer and dedicated institution-builder; a real treasure to our people. His inspiring and informative book is a must read for aspiring organizers and movement-builders. I am delighted to count Ron Daniels as trusted ally in the struggle for the liberation of Black people and oppressed humanity.

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson
President, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

Susan L. Taylor

Charting the development of one of the nation’s foremost public intellectuals, this treasury points a way toward healing and advancement for Black America. Confident, compassionate and clear-eyed, Dr. Ron Daniels’ long-awaited chronicle appears at a time when it is needed most. His writing is brilliant; it is rare and rigorous. Dip in anywhere and you will be enlightened and inspired. This offering is about our real work—implementation.

Susan L. Taylor
Editor-in-Chief Emerita
Essence Magazine

Maurice Mitchell

Dr. Ron Daniels possesses a rare amalgam of skills, wry wit, unparalleled intellect, singular sense of duty, and an overflowing love for Black people. All of those attributes and more are on display in his moving book, Still on This Journey: The Vision and Mission of Dr. Ron Daniels. Organizers, scholars, activists, and the millions of people newly politicized in the current resistance era would find a guidepost for the work before us to realize a fully democratic society in this crucial moment in history.

Maurice Mitchell
National Director, Working Families Party


Dr. Ron Daniels is one of Black America’s most important figures in the second half of the twentieth century. His record of principled activism, organizing, teaching, and institution building represents the absolute best of the Black freedom struggle. With this book, the entire world will be blessed to have a window into the ideologies, philosophies, and politics that inform his magnificent work. Ron Daniels is still on this journey. And we are all better because of it.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill
Author, Political Commentator


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Visit and purchase your copy today! A percentage of the proceeds will go to support the work of the Institute of the Institute of Black World 21st Century.