Stick-up in the ATL: T.I. Felt Pastor Preyed On His Pockets During Sunday Service + Jamal Bryant Denies It

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Ti has been very vocal and taking a stance in the community regarding issues and usually he is right out his stance. Recently he attended Kanye’s Sunday Service which was held at Pastor Jamal Byrant’s church called New Birth in Atlanta. While there, a guest pastor was preaching and TI, his wife Tiny and rapper Two Chains and his wife were all invited to sit up front. T.I was a little taken back by why this happened this way but he decided to sit up front anyway. Pastor I.V Hilliard preached a sermon about being a giver and TI automatically assumed the sermon was geared towards he and his team giving since they are millionaires. He was taken back by this and decided to talk about it on his podcast. What are your thoughts?