2019 US-AFRICA BUSINESS NETWORKING AND EXPO, October 2nd – 4th, 2019, Omni Richmond Hotel, 100 S 12th Street, Richmond, VA 23219

(RICHMOND – September 25, 2019) – Africa Network Initiative, Inc. and Boss LLC, in partnership with the Center for International Business Advancement at VCU, announce the 2019 US-Africa Business Networking & Expo on October 2nd thru 4th, 2019 at the Omni Richmond Hotel.

This forum will bring together African and American entrepreneurs, executives, investors, decision makers and other stakeholders to learn about investment opportunities in both Africa and the United States, match their interests, and build mutually beneficial relationships. In doing so, the forum shall help strengthen multi-faceted partnerships between the two sides of the Atlantic.

As a matter of fact, while small business owners and big corporations from other continents are heavily investing in Africa, US entrepreneurs have not yet seized the business opportunities offered by Africa – a continent with a large young population and growing middle class, and that is undergoing unprecedented technological transformation. In the same context, while small enterprises from other continents are developing business ties with the US, many African businesses have not yet taken advantage of possibilities in the US market, the world’s largest economy and the leader in innovation and entrepreneurial creativity. It is the ambition of African Network Initiative, Inc. to fill this gap by organizing this forum in Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth Virginia – a state that has many times been voted the “Best Place to Do Business” in the United States.

Slated to take place in Richmond, Virginia, while the Commonwealth of Virginia is celebrating the 4th centennial (400 years) of legislative assembly, this 3-day forum will start on October 2nd and end on October 4th, 2019. While the first two days of the forum will focus on business and investment opportunities, the third day will be dedicated to guided tours of companies, political institutions and museums in the Richmond area as well as visits to Virginia’s finest wineries. The panels will be made of entrepreneurs, top business executives, academics, diplomats and government officials.

Striving for sustainability beyond the conference walls, African Network Initiative will follow-up with all the participants and its partners to ensure concrete projects are launched through strengthened partnerships between the participating companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and government bodies. Many thanks to the support of innovation centers, trade agencies, and investment vehicles.

As Henri Ford well noted, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

About Africa Network Initiative, Inc

Africa Network Initiative, Inc., is a non profit organization aiming to contribute to Africa’s economic growth and the well-being of its inhabitants by connecting entrepreneurs with investors and establishing mutually beneficial business partnerships between the United States and Africa. Cognizant of the fact that creativity and critical problem-solving skills will be determinant for the future, Africa Network Initiative strives to build and sustain a strong network of mentors, entrepreneurs and investors to support innovative ideas and entrepreneurial endeavors that are likely to develop into socially responsible and economically profitable entities, create value for the investors, and improve the lives of all the stakeholders involved and the communities around them.

To learn more about the Africa Network Initiative, please visit www.africanetworkinitiative.org.