The Glover Report: Coppin Betrayed by Black Servants of Darkness: No police academy; merger seems to be a go

Photo: Coppin’s new science & technology building. Baltimore Police Commissioner Harrison said that Coppin does not have classrooms large enough for the police academy’s needs. Apparently, he did not visit the two new buildings on the south campus.

By Doni Glover, Publisher
Unapologetically Black: Doni Glover Autobiography

(BALTIMORE – September 18, 2019) – Our beloved Coppin State University has been betrayed. What was once a promising beam of hope for many Baltimore area students seeking an affordable yet quality college education is slowly being dismantled, and Black people are helping to do it.

In a majority Black city in a 30% Black state, one would think that given the high percentage of Black elected officials, something as simple as the Baltimore City Police Academy ought be a no-brainer. After all, it was thought to be going to Coppin.

However, breaking news today revealed that it is now going to the University of Baltimore (UB). UB, it should be noted, is headed by former Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke.

Mr. Schmoke told me a few months ago that he had no intentions on merging UB with Coppin. However, a couple of weeks later, this is exactly what was being proposed – along with Baltimore City Community College.

One bit of truth nobody really discusses is that UB’s population is dwindling. Also, once UB became a 4-year institution, it began syphoning off students who were otherwise headed to Coppin.

It’s pretty much dog eat dog.

Coppin has been saddled with an ailing president, Maria Thompson, who seemingly had as much interest in Coppin as a dog does with fleas. Another fact: Since Dr. Calvin Burnett retired, Coppin has endured a series of “one night stands” with four different presidents. Today, an interim president is in charge, and thus far, has not demonstrated that good, ol’ Coppin love.

To tell you the truth folks, Coppin was set to become a premier institution of higher learning. It received an infusion of funds under Gov. Bob Ehrlich; Coppin expanded from Gwynns Falls Parkway all the way south to Baker Street.

Yet, piece by piece, people are sabotaging Coppin’s future with all kinds of chicanery.

It is high time that the Coppin alumni make some noise and take this fight all the way to Annapolis – and the White House if necessary. Sadly, Coppin’s well-being could have been secured by our local and state politicians. But, by all accounts, Coppin is losing self-sufficiency and autonomy by the hour and no one has said a word.

The most egregious news came that former Mayor Catherine Elizabeth Pugh was ultimately responsible for moving the police academy to UB. Mayor Jack Bernard Young, knowing this, did nothing to defend Coppin State.

This is a very pathetic day for the Coppin family, and an even sadder day for Black people around the globe.