TGR: Once Again, Baltimore Mainstream Media Pushes Their Own So-Called Black Candidate

By Doni Glover, Publisher
Unapologetically Black: Doni Glover Autobiography

(BALTIMORE – September 17, 2019) – Having been raised by independent thinking parents, one thing that was consistently reiterated to me growing up was to think for myself. I even had an uncle who put it this way: “Don’t hang with the crowd because you wlll get into trouble.” His point was for me to take pleasure, in such instances, with knowing how to be my own best company. The aim has always been to stay away from people who mean me no good.

Politically speaking, I have witnessed countless times where the mainstream media pushes Black candidates. Some way, somehow – the mainstream media conveniently forgets that there are two Baltimores, and the Black one has a mind of its own – despite repeated attempts by the likes of white supremacists like Martin O’Malley to insert themselves where they do not belong nor have permission to be. We can think for ourselves.

Let me add that mainstream media outlets have never been concerned with Black progress in Baltimore. Further, it appears they take pride in tearing down any Black candidate loved and adored by the people, the Black people – as if we lack the know how to do for ourselves.

Baltimore is a majority Black city. It Is a municipality with a ton of rich Black History. Prior to the Civil War, for instance, we had one of the largest populations of freed Blacks in the country. And over the years, many Black leaders made their mark here.

Names like George McMechen come to mind. In his day, his nemesis was Baltimore Mayor J. Barry Mahool, the Father of Segregation. Rev. Harvey Johnson was another strong Black man in Baltimore and headed the historic Union Baptist Church. Rev. Vernon Dobson was another; he would later lead Union Baptist Church.

Over in Washington, D.C., an even clearer example of a strong Black leader was Mayor for Life Marion Barry. He, to this day, is revered in the annals of DC political history. He was known as the ‘jobs man’ years before he got into politics. He had a reputation for serving the people.

Long story short, Baltimore media is pushing a young and inexperienced Brandon Scott as if this kid has demonstrated an inkling of leadership in the city many of us call home. The truth of the matter is that he is an O’Malley prototype, just like Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, under whom the city experienced its first riot in 47 years – a riot that was totally avoidable. The other O’Malley prototype was Catherine “Missing In Action” Pugh.

Dear mainstreamers: You cannot think for us. We think for ourselves. And the consensus is Brandon is still wet behind the ears, has a weak track record at best, and is least likely to fight for the least of us in this racist society. That’s what his track record suggests thus far.

You’ve got 7 months to prove otherwise. However, those of us who know this city – from Pikesville to Port Street – will not be fooled by the mainstream media and politicians who only seek to nullify and negate the strong Black presence in Baltimore as well as the people we truly look to for leadership.

Mainstreamers have no clue, but they do have a track record that clearly demonstrates its affection for so-called Black leaders who mean the rest of us no good. The mainstream media, in my estimation, is complicit with the evils currently happening in this town, including the highest murder rate in the country. But, this is what happens in a one-newspaper town.

Thank God for and the few other Black-owned media outlets who will not sell the people a crock of crap for the sake of making a dollar. Baltimore is in the midst of the worst crisis ever, and as far as I can tell, there is only one person who can hit the ground running on Day 1. Period. End of story.