The Glover Report: Baltimore’s Local Media is Biased, Slanted, Pro-Establishment

Not a word by elected officials or local media on white addicts inundating and terrorizing African American communities

By Doni Glover, Publisher
Unapologetically Black: Doni Glover Autobiography

(BALTIMORE – September 7, 2019) – Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to curb my intake of local media because it has been utterly disgusting. In my honest opinion, their reporting is too often one-sided, and that is the side of perceived white supremacy.

The way I see it, everything wrong with Baltimore is Black. Everything right with Baltimore is non-Black.

This one-sided reporting was clearly evident in the last citywide election in 2016 where the mainstream media did everything within its power to support the now-M.I.A. Ex-Mayor Catherine Pugh. Mind you, as long as a Black elected official is speaking “establishment first” rhetoric, they are going to be covered – even if they do clip some $800,000 from book sales.

Truth be told, a University of Maryland Medical System board position is to last no more than 10 years. Pugh was there for 18 years and no one said a word. Not only did she ruin her career, she brought shame and subsequent scrutiny to the other board members, some of whom were also breaking law by getting contracts in the millions.

Pugh was clearly a pro-establishment candidate who empowered the likes of former Baltimore County Executive and O’Malley-ite Jim Smith. Most politicos know that she was also close with State Senate President Mike Miller and Congressman Elijah Cummings, the man with the sharecropper speeches intended to inspire (Please!).

Sheila Dixon, on the other hand, is not pro-establishment. She cares for the people – all of the people. She will walk any street in this city. Yet, local reporters – before they got into the story of the 2016 race – continually noted how Dixon fell out of grace. What they failed to mention was that the gift cards were left on her desk in a blank envelope by Pat Turner. Nonetheless, Dixon took her punishment, which included her not being able to run for re-election until 2016.

Why? Why was that a part of her punishment over some frivolous gift cards? I think it was because the establishment knows how well-entrenched Dixon is in the community and that the people love her and would vote for her again. Note: Sheila got 56,000 votes on a weak write-in campaign, something that has never happened before – much like the initial decertification of the 2016 citywide election results. I think they know that Dixon will get the job done and she has amazing relationships with the least of us. I have seen it first-hand. People come up to her all day every day begging her to run.

Yet, despite the love she gets from the streets, I guarantee you every mainstream news report will do its best to demonize her, discredit her, and rain on her parade – all because the powers that be do not want a strong, beautiful African American woman with a proven track record running Baltimore.

It’s mind-boggling how white supremacists would rather let the city go to hell than have a bona fide leader get us back on course. That’s a very juvenile way of thinking. And it is hurting us all.

Meanwhile, we were given Pugh, a woman who – in my estimation – has no love for the everyday person. Sure, she has helped a person here and a person there. However, her politics are one of a carpetbagger seeking to lift her political profile.

Further, while there were 200 voting irregularities in Maryland’s 23 jurisdictions in the 2016 election, Baltimore had over 1,500 voting irregularities, at least 5 missing thumb drives, and bags of uncounted votes. Also, ex-offenders were sent a letter telling them that they could not vote. And, many people, including Dixon’s sister (Janice) were not even listed and had to vote by way of provisional ballot. In reality, Dixon won the election but because of the ineptness of Armstead Jones (City Board of Elections) and Linda Lamone (State Board of Elections), Pugh was given the crown.

Although she got illegal campaign contributions from the likes of her assistant, Gary Brown ($18k) – although she received an illegal loan for $100,000 from Jim Smith – although she ran illegal commercials (without reprisals) – although she gave chicken boxes to 2,000 or so voters (which is illegal), the mainstream media and every establishment person turned a blind eye. Consequently, we have a Baltimore City that is worse than it’s ever been in my 54 years of living.

Still, the local media didn’t say a word. Pugh won the election through immoral methods such that there was even a riot at her Walbrook Junction office on Election Day (2016). Those same 2,000 people who were given chicken boxes and then put on a bus to vote came out looking for their Election Day job. But, there was no job. The news did report that her campaign staff would look into paying some of the people. None of those efforts, it should be stated, changed the way the people of Walbrook Junction saw her. They saw her for the conniving, self-serving monster that she is.

FACT: The only way you lift your profile is by serving the people.

The Consent Decree that came about as soon as Pugh took her stolen office is not working. Yes, a lot of Baltimore cops have historically worked in an unconstitutional manner. Yes, there are some dirty cops. Yes, many African Americans have died while in police custody.

Yet, while O’Malley‘s “zero tolerance” arrested one in six Baltimoreans, this Consent Decree has swung the pendulum all the way to the left. Nowadays, drug dealers hustle right in front of police and as long as there is no violence, nothing happens.

We, as a city, have gone from the far right to the far left. Clearly, the answer is somewhere in the middle. Baltimore is an aggressive town and these pacifist methods only embolden individuals to continue to break law, including carrying handguns. The criminals feel that if their enemies are strapped, then they better be strapped, too. This is why Baltimore is off the hook. The police have taken a knee.

In all of this, it is my assertion that the mainstream media is complicit. Their way of telling the story is for the sake of the status quo. It is not, I believe, intended to lift up the Black communities in East and West Baltimore.

So, on to my main purpose for writing this editorial: The Squeegee Kids.

Last night on the news once again, the topic of these urban hustlers came up. All eyes are on the young people working to clean windshields at intersections across the city in order to make a few dollars. The negative example reiterated is that of one Squeegee Kid who busted a driver’s window.

I get it. I understand why anybody would be concerned.

What I do not get is why the local media has yet to report on the … other people at these same intersections. Don’t know who I mean? There are these white, perceived homeless people at each of the intersections where you might see a Squeegee Kid. These white people are aggressively panhandling, and get this, in a racist Trump era.

Am I the only one who sees this?

Excuse me, I am not used to white people coming up to me begging me for change. I am not used to it and I do not accept it.

At the same time, you have not heard one City Councilmember speak about it.

When the crack epidemic hit cities across America in the 80s and 90s, Black crack addicts were demonized and criminalized. Today, now that karma has come full circle, there is a different language. They call it an “opioid epidemic”. Question: Why wasn’t the same approach used during the crack epidemic? Oh, not that the chickens have come home to roost, the status quo is a little kinder and gentler? Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I am supposed to have empathy? Better yet, I am to forget how Blacks were treated back then?

Let me take it a step further. Not only have I been blown away by these aggressive white panhandlers from God knows where coming up to me at intersections asking for change, we now see them in our communities searching for drugs at all hours of the day and night.

I saw one white woman, who didn’t seem to be an addict ( I must admit), walking down my alley at 11 pm. Huh? Yes! She scared the crap out of me. Black people do not go in alleys at 11 pm at night, so why is this white woman gingerly strolling like she is not out of line? Can anybody explain it? Is this an invasion army?

Yes, young Black drug dealers play a key role in this inundation of white addicts, but so too do the police. You see, prior to the Freddie Gray unrest, white people stopped at Pennsylvania Avenue, paid a Black “runner” to go and get the drugs and bring them back, and then split. Prior to “Freddie Gray”, cops would immediately pull up these white addicts and ask them why they are here. Bottom line: They hauled their butts out of here faster than a Baltimore red light camera.

But, things have changed; I get it. Today, these white people – many of whom are not from Baltimore City – walk through the community higher than a Georgia pine. They are rude. Many are filthy. And, and, and, and …. they have the audacity to ask us for spare change.

Donald Trump needs to come and get his brethren.

I have done my best to explain my disdain with local media. Many of these reporters and anchors claim to know the city. They act as if they know what’s really happening, but they don’t. Either they are blind, or they are that slanted that whatever these white addicts do, these “journalists” will simply not say a word.

Hey, local media – thanks for doing such a thorough job!