TGR: BLACK EXCELLENCE: 2019’s African American Graduates Pull Down Millions in Scholarships, Shatter Records, Make Unprecedented Strides Towards Academic Excellence Across the USA

Photo: Morgan State University 2019 graduates

“The main focus is to let other black and brown boys know that they can succeed, too,
and that sports is not the only way out … Education is the most reliable way.”

– Shaquille Stringer, 1st African American Valedictorian, Hammond

By Doni Glover, Publisher
Unapologetically Black: Doni Glover Autobiography

(BALTIMORE – June 5, 2019) – Family, we must take a moment and meditate on the many, many academic accomplishments of our African American youth. This is the kind of stuff I wish would come on every news broadcast every single day so as to counter the negative imagery that bombards us around the clock. Despite the negative media, the racism, and the like – let us reflect for a moment on academic excellence.

Who can argue against our youth excelling in the classroom? It opens our minds and shows us the infinite possibilities of life. Educational pursuit, in my book, is right up there with entrepreneurship and business. I personally think that these are the two most viable solutions for the dilemmas facing not just African Americans, but oppressed people all over the world.

Now, as a disclaimer, I have to add that book sense without common sense is nonsense. My point is that although education ought to be a top priority for everyone, we can never, ever, ever fail to understand that all of that knowledge is meaningless unless it is applied. Also, as African Americans – there is another critical component that must not be forsaken: The giveback! Why must we give back to those behind us? Because we stand on the shoulders of so many people before us. That is why Billionaire Robert Smith’s pledge to pay off the student loans for the 2019 Morehouse College’s graduating class is so significant; Smith clearly understands the concept of “paying it forward.” While too many people have the “I’ve got mine and you’ve got yours to get” mentality, we are so very happy that Robert Smith isn’t one of them!

With that said, there is no way I’m going to let another graduation season go by without pointing out how extremely proud I am of our students, some of whom have reached unprecedented goals. From high school to college, I am reminded that a lot of us do get it! Honestly, our young people have shattered records, overcome magnanimous odds – like being homeless, and raised the bar for the next class of graduates. Further, we have to remember that a whole other world of accomplishments have been made via non-traditional means, such as home schooling.

All this to say, we, as a community, have so much to be proud of when it comes to our youth excelling in the classroom. Honestly, nothing much warms my heart more.

Kudos to all of our outstanding students across America! Please don’t ever stop reaching for the best! And kudos to the entire village for helping to make this happen!

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