TGR: Glenda Curtis is the Best Qualified Candidate for 2nd District City Council Seat

Photo: Glenda Curtis with the legendary Dick Gregory, another powerful advocate for the community.

By Doni Glover, Publisher

“You can’t serve the people if you don’t love the people.” – Malcolm X

(BALTIMORE – May 29, 2019) – With Brandon Scott now elevated to Presidency of the Baltimore City Council, the 2nd district City Council seat he formerly occupied is now open and Glenda Curtis is vying for it.

At 5 pm tomorrow, a person will be chosen to fill that vacant seat. And according to those interviewed for this column, Glenda Curtis is a more-than-qualified applicant for the post.

As publisher Hassan Giordano stated, no one is more qualified than Curtis to serve.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was an understatement. Even during the writing of this piece, Curtis was over in Northwest Baltimore at the wake of her mentor, the late James Crockett.

Now, I knew a lot about Curtis’ quiet efforts in the community for years. I knew she was a professor at Sojourner-Douglass College. And I knew that she started her own non-profit, Chris, Inc., a couple of years ago. I’ve seen her toiling in the vineyards in the inner-city, dressed “to the T” as always, helping the most vulnerable people in the community. Eastside. Westside. It doesn’t matter!

What I did not know, however, was that Crockett, an associate of Baltmore’s Goon Squad, was her mentor. Now, that blew my mind! Actually, it makes a lot of sense, though. Both Crockett and the Goon Squad were unapologetically black – all day long and twice on Sunday!

For the uninitiated, Crockett was an iconic real estate titan who had no problem bringing voice to issues facing African American realtors. He helped empower others and had a long reputation for black excellence. To boot, Crockett helped integrate the Baltimore City Fire Department.

Now, as a Black History junkie, I felt so silly not knowing about his efforts with the fire department. I knew Crockett was of the ilk of a Reginald F. Lewis or a Willie Adams. I did not know, though, of his efforts to ensure diversity within the ranks of the fire department going back decades. I tell you, what a beautiful thing to learn something new every single day!

In any event, there Curtis was last evening, comforting the family and being the servant she was born to be. To say the least, Curtis has a heart for serving.

Yet, this is only a part of Curtis’ bio. Presently employed at City Hall, Curtis is consistently finding ways to be of service and value to the people of Baltimore – male and female, young and not so young. Her commitment is without question.

Located in the northeast corner of the city, the 2nd district of the Baltimore City Council touches several communities, including Belair-Edison, Frankfort, Gardenville, Herring Run and Waltherson.

According to Kirk Fleet, a retired Baltimore Police Department sergeant, “I’ve had the occasion to witness the care and the compassion of Ms. Glenda Curtis for quite some time.”

Fleet, who was a mainstay at Pennsylvania Avenue’s Avenue Market, said that Curtis has been a staple in the Baltimore community for years.

“She’s always working in the community, working with kids, and working with adults in need,” he added. “Overall, she has been a blessing to the community, particularly in the inner-city. She’s always willing to come into the same communities that are often overlooked to provide services and to secure resources for the underserved.”

Additionally, he said, “She has also worked in a program that provided young adults with STEM training. Now, that was a really effective program. She was real good at that. She is a teacher, a caregiver, a person of incredible value to the community.”

Fleet faithfully served the city for 42 years.

Another Curtis fan is Gerard “Hugo” Marable, who was a member of the ’83 and ’84 Championship Dunbar Poets Varsity Basketball team and another East Baltimore staple, has known Curtis “since she was 3 or 4 years old.”

Who is Glenda Curtis? “Hugo” said, “She is East Baltimore!”

He also said, “She is community-oriented, compassionate, and concerned with children and their adolescent crises. She is just as concerned with mothers and fathers and the challenges they face including homelessness and employment. Even more, she is passionate about stopping the abuse of men and women alike. From A to Z, Glenda Curtis’ passion for service covers the whole gamut.”

Would she make a good City Councilwoman? “Without a doubt!”

“Hugo” said that having known her all her life, “She would make a great leader. She has the academic background. She is well-versed in community outreach, including her connection with the churches, community centers and the sororities/fraternities that serve here.”

Giordano agrees. A resident of Northeast Baltimore, the Baltimore political pundit said, “If you want what you’ve always gotten, go with the establishment.”

He added, “However, if you want real change, then support Glenda. She is not connected to today’s politicos, she’s very humble, and I only have the utmost respect for her. She is the best overall qualified person for the 2nd District Council position.”

Her dear friend, Tevera Horsey, seconds the motion. “Glenda is a professional, passionate, prophecy-filled person who advocates for the health of urban communities.” She added, “Glenda’s life’s work has been fostering a holistic approach for the greater good of this city’s citizens.”

In her own words, Glenda Curtis told Bmorenews, “My interest to seek candidacy for the 2nd district is fueled by my desire to ensure the continuity in services and representation and to fully utilize my experience, education and skills to effect change within the district.”

She added, “Some of the issues I am eager to address in the district include addressing the lack of responsiveness to housing code violations to protect the vibrancy of neighborhoods and further accessing available funding to enhance our neighborhoods.”

She is also focused on “ensuring the availability and accessibility of resources and services to underserved families, children and youth and creating ways to elevate families through the available resources.”

For these and other reasons, definitely supports Glenda Curtis for 2nd District City Councilwoman. She has done the work. She has a long track record. And she loves the people. Sounds like a winner to me!