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Alpheus “Ywain” Fields

TOP NEWS: Midway Broadcasting Corporation, the parent company of WVON announced that longtime radio personality Alpheus “Ywain” Fields has died at 57. Field joined the team of WVON in 1982 in his early 20’s as an intern for legendary radio personality and co-owner of the station, Pervis Spann. He was hired shortly after as a board operator and production assistant. Fields’ talent, creativity, and strong connectivity to music and the church led him to his first on-air position as a gospel music personality.

Fields was a self-taught pianist. Throughout his 36-year career at WVON, Fields had served in the company’s programming department, before landing the coveted role as overnight jock and host of the B-Side. He held that position before the time of his death. He is survived by three children, his mother and his brother, Rev. Cy Fields, pastor of Landmark Baptist Church in Chicago. For more details, contact Todd Ronczkowski at 312.336.3414. Funeral arrangements are pending. – MG Media

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C. Dwayne West


Two Questions With the Publisher

Weekly, I answer some of the most compelling questions received via email, text, through my voice service line or when I meet readers around Chicago. Here are two questions asked over the last few weeks. Today, they’re all about Chicago’s new Mayor, Lori Lightfoot:

Question: What do you think about Lori Lightfoot?
CDW: Let’s start from the beginning of the Mayoral Election. I had absolutely no clue who she was when her name appeared on the ballot. I didn’t even really consider her valuable. I was focused on my two or three choices. Even during the run-off, I was still kinda in shock that she was in contention. At that point, I really didn’t care who actually won, her or Toni Preckwinkle. It was two sistas, so go for it!

I became a fan of Lightfoot because of two or maybe three occurrences. First, one of my favorite people, Dr. Willie Wilson endorsed her. That gave me a good feeling. Second, and both were after she had already won the mayoral election. She invited black media to meet with her and I was impressed with the things she relayed to us about her goals in dealing with all things Chicago.

And finally, when she respectfully chastised the Business Leadership Council and its members to join in the fight to change the trajectory of black Chicago. During a BLCreception on her behalf, Lori expressed that wealthy and accomplished blacks can no longer stand on the sidelines and not get their hands dirty. Transforming urban hoods is their responsibility. I gave her a standing ovation. But even with that, I still wanna see more before I wave Lori’s flag. Time will tell. Therefore, I’m sitting on the fence, deciding which way to jump!

Question: When you met with Lori, what was your ask, if any?
CDW: Of course, I had an ask. Actually several (2). I yield on my first ask, which was her plan for economic development on the south and west sides of Chicago. I heard her describe the importance of investments during her campaign and other speeches, so I didn’t wanna waste my allotted time on that actual question. My next ask, was for her to tackle or address Chicago’s racist history and the present tension that exist between the racial groups. I called it “Racial Resolutions!” This is what Chicagoans need!

Rahm Emanuel never dealt with it. Which was hard to imagine, given the fact that Chicago has two horrible distinctions that should’ve been regularly discussed by elected officials, with the mayor leading the dialogue. How can responsible leaders walk this city and ignore the fact that Chicago has been called the “most racist city in the nation” along with also being described as “the city with the most men of color being exonerated from incarceration because of bogus imprisonment by corrupt judges, police offers and district attorneys.”

Case in Point: State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has single-handily played a role in the release of over 75 men of color who were falsely jailed. Those numbers are staggering and Emanuel stayed silent during each man’s release but was hurt by Jussie Smollett’s allegedly false accusation! Rahm claimed Smollett embarrassed the city! Really. But he never uttered a word or showed remorse for those men of color sitting behind bars for decades for crimes they didn’t commit? His priorities were terribly misplaced!

During the meeting, I asked then Mayor-Elect Lightfoot to convene a series of Forums, Town Halls, or Conferences, to assemble Chicagoans of all nationalities to have real discussions about this so-call world-class city and its bigoted, past and present. The time to have this chat is long past due. I begged Lori to take the lead. If collectively, we can tackle this issue, it can actually help solve other concerns, like lack of job opportunities, contracts, fair and equitable policing. Which each of these issues are due to overt racism.

Again, why the now former mayoral administration didn’t address these two most horrific Chicago stigmas was mind-boggling. But if Lightfoot can ignite a citywide debate on racial tensions in the Chi, then I’ll visibly wave her flag. And I don’t do flag waving for no person who name doesn’t start with G, middle initial being O, and last initial ending with D. But If the new mayor pulls this off, I’ll wave her flag with no regret! Until the next edition….. I Write to Differ…

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Jackie Robinson


The Chicago Cubs will finally celebrate Jackie Robinson Day on Monday with photography exhibit. The team is partnering with Ebony Magazine, which is making available vintage photographs of Jackie Robinson and other African American baseball legends. The photos will be on display at Wrigley Field in the Budweiser Bleacher Concourse during the game. The photos are from the Ebony Collections, the most sizable photo collection of the African American experience ever archived.

Jackie Robinson Day is recognized throughout Major League Baseball on April 15, the day Robinson broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. The scheduled game in April was rained out. The Chicago Cubs’ postponed game against the Los Angeles Angels will start at 3:05 p.m. Tickets to the April 14 game at Wrigley Field will be honored for the Monday, June 3 makeup game. The Replica Wrigley Field Statue giveaway presented by Xfinity will be distributed to the first 10,000 early arriving fans. The game will be broadcast on WGN-TV and 670 The Score.

The young and very talented and nationally recognized pianist Joshua Mhoon, 10, of the Oak Park Mustangs, will throw out the first pitch. Mhoon plays pitcher and first base for the Mustangs. Visit either www.cubs.com/specialticketoffers or www.cubs.com for ticket purchase and the most-up-to-date information on the Cubs schedule. – MG Media / Julian Green, Chicago Cubs

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Craig Gilmore, Carl West, Emmett Vaughn and Greg Hinton toast their brotherhood – MG Media

Chicago just lost a titan of a business leader and community icon in Mr. Emmett Vaughn (second from right). He died over the weekend from a long bout with Cancer! Please, someone, find a cure for this horrible decease. I love this dude, he was one of my mentors and heroes. He was also a trusted friend who shared countless hours of advice. Not only did he share advice, but we also chatted man to man. He would call for clarity and understanding of things that bugged him tremendously. Mr. Vaughn was a true warrior.

In this picture, I’m joined by two other titans. Retired State Farm executive Craig Gilmore and U.S. Cellular retired executive Greg Hinton. These three men, combined, contributed more to Chicago’s black community in terms of funding and resources to help the companies they partnered with succeed. I’ll be remiss if I didn’t also include executives from ComEd, Kevin Brookins, and Chuck Walls, who also stand ‘head and shoulder’ above most in their respective spaces in Corporate giving. Also, ComEd’s Melissa Washington, UChicago Medicine’s Brenda Battle, and US Bank’s Eva Brown.

These are champions for black causes and organizations. There may be others, but I’ve not experienced their spirited giving. These people in mention are black professionals who’re tasked with company budgets to utilize, and they make sure that black respectable groups or individuals get their hands on the company’s dough to do ‘good in the hood.’ Hinton once told his boss at U.S. Cellular, “That they didn’t give him enough money for his hood, which is why he’s always over budget.” His boss had so much respect for that answer, (he) increased his budget the next year to equal his spending.

That’s what corporate leaders do! And anyone who’s not doing that should step down from their jobs and let real leadership take shape. Emmett shared those same sentiments. He was embarrassed when he knew of black executives who failed their community. “They don’t make em like Emmett anymore.” Rest very well, my beloved brother. – CDW


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Roger Ferguson

Mr. Roger Ferguson


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