TGR: Sheila Dixon Said She’d Pay the Ransom

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – May 15, 2019) – From February 2nd to March 5th of this year, my fanpage of about 225,000 followers was hacked. No, I do not mean a bogus account was created. No. I was hacked. A person stationed in Kosovo had total control of my page for some 33 days. I did every single thing I could think of to remedy the situation, including reaching out to Facebook, the FBI, and the Baltimore Sun. (Hey, I was desperate!)

Long story short, Facebook replied and stated what I already knew.

I can tell you that it was truly a test of faith. I can tell you that I had a range of emotions, including anger. I can also tell you that I was a blink of way from trying to hire a hacker to steal back my account.

Baltimore City government has been hijacked by a ransom malware for the past several days. The computer terrorist asked for $75,000 with a penalty of $10,000 per day until demands are met.

Baltimore Mayor Bernard Jack Young reminded me of a Harrison Ford movie when he said he was adamant about not paying the computer hijackers.

While it sounded profound, that is just not going to remedy the situation. Meanwhile, the City is bound to lose millions of dollars.

Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon says she would go a different route.

“Yes, I would pay it!”, she told Bmorenews. “But, first, I would make sure my IT people would have a system in place so that once the ransom is paid, we’d hopefully wouldn’t be in that position again.”

She said, “Right now, a lot of people are upset. It’s ridiculous. I understand making a strong stand, but we also have to be realistic. Things are only getting worse by the hour.”

As the new Commander-in-Chief, Mayor Young is running the risk of being less popular at a time when the city already faces a high level of hopelessness. It is almost impossible to restore a trust in a city when one cannot even email City Hall. Further, all municipal operations are at a standstill. One of the biggest impacts, at the end of the day, is upon citizens and business owners.

Clearly, this is not how Jack thought it would be at the helm. Yet, here we are. He has to act and act now!