When Men Pray: Citywide Prayer Effort Held to Spread God’s Love

(BALTIMORE – May 11, 2019) – Torone Samuels, a Baltimore man, is on to something powerful. He put out the all-call for men to come out and pray at four different locations in the city today at 10 am, including Sandtown, Baltimore & Poppleton, Harford Rd. and Cherry Hill. He told Bmorenews that a planning meeting will be held Monday for further instructions.
At least one of these groups, the Sandtown men, plan to return next Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 10 am at Carey and Cumberland. This is two blocks from Penn-North, the epicenter of the Freddie Gray Uprising of 2015. Since then, Carey & Cumberland has seen an open-air drug trade that just won’t quit.

Heroin, cocaine, and crack are the typical drugs dealt. The drug culture in Baltimore is also splattered with a rampant prescription drug pandemic, featuring Percocet. On top of that, the cocaine and heroin in Baltimore is often tainted with Fentanyl.

To say the least, there is a lot of pain in these streets, soon to be exacerbated by the coming hot weather.

But Samuels, 49, is nonetheless encouraged.

“We had a guy come up to us who said he believed in a Higher Power,” he said. “We welcomed him.”

He added, “We had quite a few ministers come out and join us in Cherry Hill, including one from Southern Maryland. “We will continue to do this with the hope that people will come out to find the love of Christ.”

Samuels welcomes all to join the prayer circles. His phone number is 410.365.1293.

He said, “Call me, text me, and I’m on Facebook. We only want to save one person. And that one will lead to another.”

In addition to his 9-to-5 and his ministry work, Samuels is also a mentor to 13 boys, ages 5 to 7. He said he is trying to impact the lives of youth as well.