Guest Editorial: Dirty Secrets by Charles Robinson, Sr. Journalist

(ANNAPOLIS – May 1, 2019) – Shhh! The dirty little secret of this week’s Special Session in Annapolis is the white men who’ve governed this state are getting company. They’re about to add a person of color or a female. It’s easy to see as you walk into the chambers. Their portraits adorn the House of Delegates, the Senate Chamber on the first floor and grace the reception areas in the Governors Chamber. These are white men with power who’ve held on to it for generations. That’s about to change and it’s an anathema or a welcome change.

Make no bones about it, when the Maryland Legislature convenes for this Special Session on Wednesday May 1st the grit of “hardball politics” will be laid bare.

When Marylander, Frederick Douglass claimed, “Power concedes nothing without a demand, never has and never will.” He had no idea a (gay) women and an African-American man would via for one of the three chambers of Maryland politics. READ IN FULL