Congressman Anthony Brown Supports Derick Davis for Maryland Speaker

(ANNAPOLIS – May 1, 2019) – In under two hours, the Maryland House of Delegates will get a new speaker, Derick Davis of Maggie McIntosh.

Here is a Facebook post from Congressman Anthony Brown, our former lieutenant governor of the State of Maryland:

I strongly support the historic effort to elect Maryland’s first African American Speaker. Diversity has always been Maryland’s strength, but there is more work to do to ensure that diversity is reflected in the highest public offices, and to ensure all Marylanders feel fully represented in their government. Black voters are the most loyal constituency of the Maryland Democratic Party, and the backing of the African American community has been critical to every Democratic victory across our state. Even though African Americans continue to break barriers and make significant strides in public life, we have only managed to put cracks in the glass ceiling of our state’s political leadership. This can and must change now.

Chairman Davis is a champion for Maryland’s working families, and has the tenacity, toughness and vision to get things done. He will ensure every part of our Party has a voice at the decision-making table, and will propel our work to secure prosperity for every Marylander. Chairman Davis is the right person to become the next Speaker, and Maryland’s first African American Presiding Officer.