The Glover Report: Why We Must Support Black Businesses Now! #blackwallstreet

“It’s time we all get a Black Wall Street state-of-mind!”

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 28, 2019) – If we were clocking dollars like they were in Tulsa in 1921 before being destroyed by a mob of angry and jealous whites, where racism was viciously flagrant, I just think we can do even more today. I just do. Hell, we have $1.4 trillion in annual disposable income – more than any generation of African Americans ever. We have mega stars and celebrities.

Yet, our HBCUs are cash-strapped. Tell me, how could our ancestors build black-owned institutions fresh out of slavery with nickels, pennies and dimes, but yet, with all our 6-figure salaries, owe are closing them today? Why in the world should Ebony, Jet and Essence have to scramble for dough? Why?

The same black beauty industry created by the likes of Annie Turnbo Malone and Madame C.J. Walker is now owned by Asians. What the hell just happened over the past 50 years? We’ve given it away? Or it was taken! And it’s our own fault. I tell you, I get so ticked when I see us running up in stores owned by people who do not often respect us. I just don’t get it. I guess we have to learn how to respect ourselves all over again. Sad.

I know the answer’s not always simple, but damn! We’ve got to do better than this! We’re busy flossing and being distracted, while other people are busy taking our loot – in our face – in our own community. And we’re not even paying attention; they sure as hell are! The stores in our community are owned by no one who looks like us. Isn’t something wrong with that? Matter of fact, people travel to our communities from all over the world just to set up shop, like “Hip Hop Fried Chicken” in Baltimore County and now in Baltimore City. And when I ask my brothers and sisters why, they say the food is that damn good. It’s better than Big Momma’s? Wowwwwwww!

Black people, we’d better wake up and fast! Do we really need a $200 belt, or should we be saving for a mortgage? I figure we all have played a role in our demise. Now, it’s time we all play a role in our resurgence.

Join the Black Wall Street Movement! It’s simple! Support a black-owned business!

Help a black entrepreneur follow his or her dream! Push our feelings to the side. We don’t have to love each other to support each other. We do not even have to like each other. However, if a person is providing a viable product or service and/or is hiring black people and helping to put food on their tables, don’t we have an innate obligation to support them just because?

One last thing: We have to stop backbiting and trying to hurt each other. If you have a bad experience with a black-owned business, find a professional way to communicate your displeasure with the owner. And if that doesn’t work, then just leave it alone. However, unnecessarily bad-moufin’ a black business and putting that nonsense on Social Media is such a downer. Jews do bad business. Latinos do bad business. Asians do bad business. All people do bad business. So, just go and find another black business who can do the job. Black people have helped put America on the map, so don’t tell me there isn’t a black person who can provide what you need. Sure, we can do business elsewhere, but I know in my heart of hearts that we have a divine responsibility to FIRST start at home. It’s call self-preservation. It is the first law of nature.

So, no more excuses. Let’s vigorously support our black businesses and let’s do it like God is watching! Let the church say ‘Amen!’