The Glover Report: Joseph Brown Funeral Home About to Put Clamp on Cremation Business in Baltimore

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 21, 2019) – If one has been following Joseph Brown, III on Facebook, then it is certainly clear that he and the Joseph Brown Funeral Home (JBFH) family are extremely excited. They have built a crematory right here in West Baltimore. Now, he already built a smaller one. However, with the national increase in cremations, Brown has built an even bigger one to handle the onslaught of business. In a challenging economy, cremations start at under $900. Further, JBFH has ceremonialized cremations like never before.

For the record, it is the only crematory located in Baltimore City. To boot, it is black-owned.

African American funeral directors have a long history in Baltimore. As a matter of fact, the Maryland Funeral Directors and Morticians Association is actually older than the national association for black undertakers.

Names like Katie Williams and William C. March are but two of the legends in this otherwise specialty profession. And, having grown up with a dad who was a funeral director, I can tell you that it is a very sacred profession. The men and women I grew up watching were serious about the funeral business. They were serious about serving the needs of the community. And they were well aware the challenges they faced.

For years, nonblack conglomerates have been trying to steal their business. And that is simply unacceptable. Why? I’m glad you asked. This is unacceptable because these are the businesses that have taken care of us during our times of bereavement since forever. They even buried us when we didn’t have the money to pay.

In my book, that deserves a lot of respect. And such deeds must not and cannot be forgotten.

In any event, Joseph Brown and company are about to put a clamp on the market that won’t soon be forgotten. And I am happy for them.

I’ll never forget his dad, a very debonair gentleman who commanded attention. Back in the day, their funeral home was in South Baltimore on Montgomery Street. Today, they are at the intersection of Fulton and Reisterstown.

Still thriving, expect even greater professionalism and service from Brown’s in the very near future. I am particularly proud of “Joey” because like me, he was a UK, too. Oh, that’s an undertaker’s kid!

The crematory should be open shortly.