The Glover Report: Sheila Dixon is “Considering” Mayoral Bid in 2020

Photo: Dixon (2nd from left) will appear on this Sunday’s edition of “Square Off” hosted by Richard Sher

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 20, 2019) – Most anyone can understand her position, considering that the entire Democratic establishment sided against her when she ran for mayor last time. Who would want to endure such a battle – a battler her supporters believe she won despite almost overwhelming odds? Hell, even Congressman Elijah Cummings, the Crown Jewel of Maryland’s Democratic Party, was touting Pugh.

Now, just about every detractor/Pugh supporter now sees that the de-certified election was most likely a sham and stolen for the absolute wrong candidate who has been in hiding for the past month.

Oops! My bad! Catherine Pugh is recovering from pneumonia.

Last time around in the citywide election of 2016, Baltimore City had more than 1,800 voting irregularities compared to 200 in the rest of the 23 Maryland jurisdictions combined. Pugh squeezed past Dixon by about 2,000 votes.

Now, in light of those nearly 2,000 election errors, the Election Day Riot at Pugh’s West Baltimore office, the procuring of votes with chicken boxes, the crooked Baltimore City Board of Elections under the guise of Armstead Jones, the lost-for-words State Board of Elections under Linda Lamone, and let’s not forget the many uncounted votes – Dixon is “considering” a run for mayor next April.

This news came as a Facebook post on Dixon’s personal page on Friday.

This is absolutely wonderful news for Dixon supporters on this Christian and Jewish holiday weekend.

Unlike many in the political world, Sheila is a proven fighter. She does not run. She does not hide. That is not in her DNA. She is a bona fide fighter. And that is exactly what her supporters love about her.

So, there it is. I imagine we will be hearing more from Dixon shortly.

And for those planning to go up against her and her team, all I can say is, bring your lunch box. God bless!