The Glover Report: Huey P. Newton Gun Club of Atlanta Demonstrates “How it’s done”!

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(ATLANTA – April 19, 2019) – Sometimes, we run across something that is just so beautiful that we cannot help but share it with the world. I saw a post on Facebook about the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and it simply warmed my soul, especially the caption. The writer, like me, doesn’t put a lot of faith in the mainstream media. Frankly, that is exactly why I have been committed to the black press most of my life. If it were not for black media outlets, like the Afro-American Newspaper and the Washington Informer, then others’ version of our story becomes history.

No one can tell my story like I can. Fact! And no one can tell our story like we can. Another fact!

What I appreciate most about this gun club is their awareness of the reality in the black community. For brothers to go out and create safe havens for single mothers is nothing short of love. Amen.

Anyway, here’s the caption from Nalij King: “Probably not going to get a lot of attention on this because its proactive and empowering. #HueyPNewtonGunClub #Atlanta buying #housesand turning them into single mother dwellings as well as the homeless getting our own off the streets… #BlackPower”