Jazz Lovers Convene on Monday Nights at “New Baltimore’s” Terra: The Session Hosted By Clarence Ward III

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 17, 2019) – On a sultry Monday night in April, I stole the chance to escape the hell on these streets and bee-lined to Terra Cafe Bmore. It’s at the corner of 25th & St. Paul and is to Baltimore what Pascal’s is to Atlanta. It is the happening spot for entrepreneurs, politicians, activists, and bohemians.

Never mind the bricks in the wall that were made by slaves on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Never mind the gorgeous artwork throughout the African American-owned establishment. Never mind that fried fish, jerk chicken and kale salad that is to die for.

Man, forget all of that. Who are those musicians in the back, including high school students from the Baltimore School for the Arts. Black, white – it don’t matter; you just gotta be able to handle your part. Seasoned and rookies alike descend on this sacred ground to show the crowd that they’ve got that pop in their instrument. It is the most incredibly beautiful thing I’ve witnessed in this town in far too long. There’s not even a cover charge!

Between who the latest victim of the “Healthy Holly” scandal and the latest murder victim, this brotha can honestly say that the Monday night jazz session is a welcome reprieve from all of the madness and only makes me think on what can be. I call it New Baltimore. (This is my attempt to stay positive!)

So, if you’re not doing anything on Monday nights, check out trumpeter Clarence Ward and his amazing posse of musicians as they settle in for a most dazzling session of LIVE jazz!

FMI, visit The Session Hosted By Clarence Ward III.

*Terence Dickson should be very proud of his Terra Cafe Bmore, 101 E. 25th St., Baltimore, MD 21218