The Glover Report: EASTSIDE: Praying Former Sen. McFadden Sees Hope in Rookie McCray

Photo: Bradford and Lanvale in Historic East Baltimore. FYI, the fence denotes planned efforts by the State of MD’s Project CORE, a Gov. Larry Hogan initiative. 
Democratic primary election 2018
Democratic primary for Maryland State Senate District 45

Cory McCray defeated incumbent Nathaniel McFadden in the Democratic primary for Maryland State Senate District 45 on June 26, 2018.


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Cory McCray  (D)

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Nathaniel McFadden  (D)

Total votes: 13,238

(BALTIMORE – April 14, 2018) – To hear the freshman state Senator Cory McCray articulate his first 90-day session as the new rep in the Maryland State Senate was very refreshing. While I can be his biggest critic, I try to also be his biggest fan. McFadden had and has a powerful base in East Baltimore. He is the chief at the Eastside Democratic Organization. At the same time, McCray was the hungry youngster who challenged the Goliath of East Baltimore.

I think the immediate question was whether McCray could deliver for his majority African American district at the same level or higher than McFadden.

Yesterday, McCray made me proud. Here’s the interview. He gave a rundown of this year’s developments in Annapolis as the session ended last week. (He also gave an extended interview on my Facebook page.)

McFadden was indeed an institution in Annapolis. And intellectually, he has one of the brightest minds in the world especially when it comes to East Baltimore History. At a Dunbar High School alumni event a couple of years ago, I got an up-close opportunity to see McFadden articulate an encyclopedia-like rendition of East Baltimore icons, most of whom I had never heard of. I was like a little boy watching a master.

For many years, McFadden has carried the ball in Annapolis for the 45th, for Baltimore, and for the great State of Maryland, and his contributions are not to be minimized.

I pray McFadden can find a little piece of peace in McCray’s performance this year.

This, I can say for sure. When I speak with McCray, I personally see a conscientious young man who, in his own words, “is laser focused.” I think he is well-disciplined. Annapolis can be a trick bag for many politicians. There are lobbyists trying to get you drunk every single night. McCray is a family man. And he has run a business. He’s also helping run his own political organization.

I’m not saying he is perfect; I am saying I am truly optimistic at this burst of energy that is so needed.

Our interview yesterday was, by the way, at one of the worst-looking corners in our city. It is where my first memories were – back around 1968. My dad had a funeral home there. What’s more significant is that finally, this area is getting some much needed attention. I was glad McCray obliged. I have a growing sense of optimism about the future of East Baltimore politics.

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