TGR: HALLELUJAH! Choo Smith Alum DaQuan “DayDay” Bracey Declares for NBA Draft

Photo: Courtesy of Choo Smith

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – April 10, 2019) – Although I’m inundated following Baltimore politics at the present, I have to take a minute and put out some extremely good news. Tears of joy are flowing. This is a glorious time for celebration!

I saw a Facebook post that read: “Louisiana Tech’s DaQuan “DayDay” Bracey has declared for the National Basketball Association’s 2019 Draft, the junior guard announced on Tuesday.”

For over a decade, DayDay spent time under the tutelage of Baltimore basketball legend and former Harlem Globetrotter Choo Smith. Faced with the murder of one of his brothers, DayDay had more than his share of trauma. Today, though, he is on the brink of greatness.

Baltimore is riddled with all kinds of evils. For a young, African American male to make it out takes nothing short of a miracle.

This is not just an incredible feat for DayDay and his family. It is a victory for an entire generation of young black men who too easily end up on the corner selling drugs.

You see, DayDay could have made excuses. DayDay could have taken the pain he felt from losing his brother and went out and killed someone else. But, he didn’t. He listened to people in his corner – people like my dear friend, Choo.

One should also understand that the Choo Smith Youth Empowerment Camp is not dripping in jewels with phenomenal foundation support. In fact, they do a lot on a shoestring budget – like positioning youth for better opportunities. Granted, most never get as far as DayDay. However, anything is better than the madness on the streets of Baltimore. For God’s sake, they are killing women and babies out here!

This is why I am so proud of DayDay. Time has flown by. It seemed like yesterday when he announced his choice for college. Four years later, he’s that much closer to his dream. He’s doing something with his life, and I pray nothing but success for him!

Congratulations to DayDay, his family – including his extended family at Choo Smith Youth Empowerment! I know Choo is ecstatic, as he should be. He toils tirelessly crafting diamonds in the mines and minds of Baltimore and beyond!

In a day and time when we are losing young black men by the thousands to senseless violence, it is time that Baltimore heavily invest in the efforts of Choo Smith Youth Empowerment. We have paid a lot of experts from around the country. Maybe it’s time to invest in one of our own. I’m just sayin’!

DaQuan “DayDay” Bracey #32