Baltimore City Council Calls for Mayor Catherine Pugh to Resign

(BALTIMORE – April 8, 2019) – Well, the honeymoon is certainly over for Baltimore Mayor Catherine Elizabeth Pugh. Today, in unprecedented fashion, the entire Baltimore City Council asked for her resignation in a letter.

The mayor has fallen under intense scrutiny over the way in which her children’s book, “Healthy Holly”, was a part of a much broader question as to how University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) board members do business with the board. Pugh, who recently resigned from the book amidst questions of scandal that also involved the purchasing of her house in Ashburton for $117,00, resigned from the board. That led to other resignations. Pugh was a board member for 18 years, virtually covering her entire political career from City Councilwoman to Delegate to State Senator to Mayor.

The key question to date, however, is whether the mayor is fit to continue serving or if, in fact, she will resign.

According to Councilman Zeke Cohen, “This morning the following letter was sent to Mayor Pugh.” He added, “It was signed by all fourteen members of the Baltimore City Council.”
The 1st Disrict Councilman shared on his Facebook page that “[i]n addition to this unprecedented step, we are discussing several structural reforms to our city’s code and charter. Baltimore deserves better.‬”