TGR: I TOLD YOU SO! While We’re Investigating, Don’t Forget the Baltimore Mayoral Election Debacle of 2016

By Doni Glover, Publisher 

(BALTIMORE – April 2, 2019) – I applaud Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan for calling for an investigation into the activities of Baltimore’s mayor – now on “an indefinite leave of absence”. As one pundit put it last night on TV, get ready to “stick a fork in her; she’s just about done.”

My only hope is that the investigation also takes a serious look at how this woman became mayor in the first place. My only disappointment is that such an investigation didn’t start way back when Gary Brown was first investigated and then indicted for illegally giving $18,300 to the next mayor’s campaign. Had that election investigation continued, I’m sure it would have shown what I’ve been saying ever since: The 2016 Baltimore mayoral election was stolen.

Tell me, why was this investigation stopped?

Bottom line: Catherine Elizabeth Pugh and the Maryland Democratic machine stole the 2016 mayoral election from former Mayor Sheila Dixon in broad daylight. There are still votes that haven’t been counted, as our ad hoc advocacy group – Voters Organized for the Integrity of City Elections – proved. Remember, this was the first time any one recalled of an election being de-certified.

So, since they are investigating Pugh, I also hope they don’t overlook the other illegal campaign contributions with false addresses, too, along with the deceit and the trickery that put Pugh over the hump.

Repeatedly, … I told you so! I repeatedly stated that Pugh is about Pugh. This is the same woman who did not even know that Penn-North and #FreddieGray were unfolding in her very own district. Then, all of a sudden she and others showed up at Penn-North like they cared. Guess what? None of them have been back since and Penn-North is worse!

Yet, the mainstream media did everything in its power to stop Sheila in 2016, including burying the news about Pugh’s campaign antics, including the illegal procurement of votes with chicken boxes that resulted in an election day riot outside her West Baltimore campaign office in Walbrook Junction because hundreds of people did not get the campaign jobs they were promised.

Why doesn’t the media do right by Sheila? I’ll tell you: Because they know she’ll look out for all of Baltimore! And obviously, some people don’t want that!

It’s not that North & Charles isn’t important; but so too is North & Pennsylvania. Everybody’s gotta eat, not just some!

Unfortunately, history has shown us time and time again that there is a powerful institutional racism in full-effect in Baltimore, and its flames are fanned by a one-sided local media who’s only interest seems to be in keeping the status quo. I am reminded that Baltimore is one of the most segregated cities in America. And it acts like it, too!

I’m compelled to suggest that these so-called leaders in this city learned absolutely nothing from #FreddieGray. Sandtown, Penn-North, Park Heights, Eastside – these areas continue to be neglected as we are now inundated by masses of new white addicts floundering in alleys and vacant houses in the black community. Meanwhile, others are focused on Squeegee Kids, bike lanes, and the like.

One thing I know for sure: these areas in the black community would have a better chance with Dixon at the helm. Tell you something else, I bet you we wouldn’t have had 5 police commissioners in a 2-year span either. And these schools would have gotten some much-needed 9-1-1 attention, too!

What about my community? What about these 13 schools where zero students are proficient in math? What about this endless sea of senseless violence and murders including those of women and babies? What about the businesses that are packing up and hauling off to other places? What about the black businesses that are harassed out of business all together in Baltimore? This makes absolutely no sense! This city is committing suicide before our very eyes because those in power like it like this.

Something is fundamentally wrong! And let me not forget Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter. You expect me to believe that man committed suicide?


Millions of dollars come through this city, but they do not touch my community. Why?

All through Freddie Gray, people were collecting money. Yet, Sandtown and Penn-North did not see a red penny. Why?

And what’s the point of having prominent black politicians in office if it has not translated into community transformation, one that does not equate with the removal of black people?

Our taxes are high as hell, yet our community doesn’t see the benefit. Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland do, though.

What? Black people don’t matter? Black kids don’t matter?

Personally, I am sick and tired of voting for people who do nothing to help empower the black community. We live here, too, and deserve a seat at the table with a big, fat ass plate of food, with a second portion ready and waiting. My people are starving in food deserts while others feast!


Unapologetically, these are my thoughts. For too long, the local media and the politicians have pimped the black vote in Baltimore. They have pushed people who do not care about us. For too long, this otherwise beautiful black community has been without a voice. Instead of the local media having a conscience, they instead choose to use their tools to further marginalize black progress and anyone who dares to do right by black people is instantly demonized while people who will do nothing for the masses are instead pushed on us.

I’m betting that a thorough investigation of this last election would prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Sheila Dixon should be put in City Hall this evening!

One last thing, Pugh was never a black mayor. And if you didn’t know, then just think about this: What black mayor in their right mind would even fathom the thought of killing the MLK Day Parade, let alone move AFRAM to Druid Hill Park?

Simply put, Pugh was never our mayor. Dixon always was!