Op/Ed: Mayor Pugh Steps Aside; questions remain by Hassan Giordano, DMVDaily

(BALTIMORE – April 2, 2019) – This Pugh news has to be the most perplexing April Fools’ joke ever! Questions that still remain:

1. Will the Mayor be charged in the Healthy Holly scandal?

2. Will she ultimately resign during this indefinite leave of action, or will she return at some point?

3. Will Council President/Acting Mayor Young retain her staff and department heads or will he bring in his own folks?

4. The process for an interim Council President due to a mayoral resignation calls for the City Council to elect the replacement; but due to this being a pending appointment, they were able to appoint Vice-President Sharon Middleton?! So will the Council vote to elect someone else if Pugh doesn’t return, and how long will they wait for an answer to that mystery?

5. In the midst of budget season, will Jack change the Mayors proposed budget; and will the Council be embolden to buck the Mayors budget if they find issues with budgeting?

6. Will Bernard ‘Jack’ Young actually run for Mayor if left in the position through next years election; or decide to seek re-election as the city’s Council President?

7. How will this decision effect council members contemplating running for Mayor and/or Council President?

8. Who is the front-runner for Mayor or CP due to the latest announcement?

9. Will Young be paid as the Mayor or CP during this interim period?

10. What the hell is going on with our city! 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

** Just received answers on a few of those questions! The Mayor will continue to get paid her $185K annual salary while CP Young and Sharon will be paid their current salaries; while Young has stressed that he will be running for CP next year, NOT Mayor!