Zevilla Jackson Preston, R.A. to be Honored at Black Wall Street HARLEM, 3.15.19, MIST Harlem (6-730p)

(HARLEM – March 9, 2019) – Be sure to RSVP for Black Wall Street HARLEM on Friday, March 15, 2019 from 6 to 8 pm at MIST Harlem at https://blackwallstreetharlem2019.eventbrite.com. This is Bmorenews.com’s 8th year of hosting business networking events in New York City.

Established in Washington, D.C. in 2011, Friday’s event is a part of the ongoing ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES *NYC *MD *DC *ATL *NOLA featuring the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards. We celebrate black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. To date, we have honored over 1,200 individuals in 5 US cities. Our aim is to encourage entrepreneurship in our community.

Honorees for Black Wall Street HARLEM 2019 include Zevilla Jackson Preston.

Who is Zevilla Jackson Preston, R.A.?

Zevilla Jackson Preston, R.A., is principal of J-P Design (JPD) a Harlem Based full-service architecture firm founded in 1992. Services include all phases of architectural work from pre-design to post-construction. Committed to maintaining a diverse portfolio, JPD’s past and current projects include a vast array of building and project types. In addition, JPD provides a full complement of supplemental services that include: feasibility studies, zoning analyses, presentation drawings, construction documents, building programs, site planning, proposal writing, maps for analysis, along with building department, historic preservation and planning commission research and filings.

Ms. Jackson Preston says ‘Architecture’ came to her late in life, if high-school is late!  As a child she wanted to be a lawyer. It seemed like an honorable profession. As a teenager, she attended Brooklyn Technical High School and was introduced to Architecture. She was hooked immediately!  For this reason, she is a staunch believer in exposure, exposure, exposure for young people. She believes our life experiences mold who we are and who we will be.

As JPD’s firm principal, Ms. Jackson Preston is responsible for JPD’s day to day operations, marketing, financial matters and staffing. Beyond the firm’s administrative functioning, Ms. Jackson Preston oversees all of the firm’s design and production work across all phases from pre-design to post-construction. When asked, ‘What excites you about your work?  Ms. Jackson Preston responded – ‘Everything about architecture excites me! I enjoy the pre-design process of getting to know old structures that are to be rehabbed or a vacant lot to be developed. I enjoy talking to end users and developing questionnaires to ferret out the details of space and activity programs. I enjoy the design process when site and existing building constraints pose interesting challenges. I enjoy developing custom details and identifying inexpensive materials that provide a visual ‘BANG’ for client’s limited dollars. I actually enjoy reviewing drawings for errors and omissions and I enjoy administering the construction contract so that I can help to ensure that each client gets the highest value for every dollar spent.’

As an architect and business person, she says that she is most inspired by her clients, the people who trust her to create spaces that they will ultimately occupy on a daily basis. Her proudest professional accomplishment is the founding of J-P Design and its commitment to Design Excellence.

Beyond her dedication to her chosen profession, Ms. Jackson Preston has remained steadfast in her commitment to the Harlem community and New York City at-large through a host of volunteer efforts.  Currently, Ms. Jackson Preston is a member of the Board of Harlem Commonwealth Council, a local development organization which is committed to developing the people of Harlem and she is a member of the Municipal Art Society’s Planning Committee. Past volunteerism has included work with the West Harlem Environmental Action (WE ACT) Clean Heating Council, The Harlem School of the Arts, a multi-disciplinary art school; The Harlem Cultural Foundation, a consortium of art based institutions; The Central Park Advisory Committee, an extension of the Central Park Conservancy and The Children’s Art Carnival, a community based children’s art school.