The Glover Report: Who’s the “Tom” Now?: The Case of “The N – – – – – District”

By Doni Glover, Publisher   

(BALTIMORE – February 27, 2019) – In last year’s Maryland state election, a new cadre of black elected officials made it to Annapolis. Excuse me, but I thought that they were supposed to represent bold, new leadership.

When Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti called Prince George’s County a “n—– district”, she not only insulted the fine people there. She insulted all African Americans. And she insulted all others.

The Harford County delegate clearly needs to resign. She is not fit to serve the people of Maryland.

What’s worse, however, is the complicit silence of our African American elected officials who have chosen to … “stay out of it.” Yep! That’s what an East Baltimore state senator replied to my query last night. Another ‘newbie’ did not respond at all. A third replied about something else being a priority at this time.

Quite honestly, we, as a community, do not need people making disparaging comments about any ethnic group. When it does occur, our elected officials must have the testicular fortitude to stand up against it. Otherwise, why are they in Annapolis?

This lack of integrity falls not just on Lisanti, but on any and all whom refuse to address this critical matter in the year 2019.

Can you imagine if Harriet Tubman decided to “stay out of it”? What about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Would you expect Malcolm X to “stay out of it”?

Admittedly, I was a voter seeking change last time around. Admittedly, I thought that this new group of African American leaders in Annapolis, generally speaking, were going to bring something fresh to the table.

I am embarrassed to say that I was wrong. I am so disappointed. I’m wondering if we, as voters, should have left well enough alone. Hmmmm!

In time, maybe these new leaders will grow a set. Maybe this will be a lesson from which they will learn something significant about integrity. I’m not saying that this new crop should be radical or revolutionary, even though that is how they portrayed themselves during the campaign. However, to let someone call your group or any other group “out of their name” is nothing short of a travesty. To not respond is even more of an insult.

So, I ask: Who’s the “Tom” now?