Op/Ed: BALTIMORE & MARIJUANA: Not so fast! by Hassan Giordano, www.dmvdaily.news

(BALTIMORE – January 29, 2019) – For all those jumping up and down cheering the latest announcement by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to follow the lead of other cities and not prosecute marijuana possession despite not having the force of law mandating such and the BCPD telling her they will still charge folks, – well, here’s the issue:

This announcement will embolden younger men and women to now walk the streets of Baltimore smoking and possessing marijuana with no fear of retribution, only to be stopped, frisked, harrassed by police and locked up down Central Booking for possessing the drug – while they complain that Marilyn Mosby made it legal! They will sit down the jail, either receiving ROR, a bail or NO BAIL, and having to sit over the jail for weeks or months before going to trial and having the SA’s Office dismiss the case; but that offender will still have possibly lost their job, house, car, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. in the meantime … and we will be looking at who to blame for this injustice!

Hold the applause and make your way to Annapolis to ensure that this is put on the books as law; otherwise, you will have a misinformed electorate finding out real quick that this means absolutely nothing to law enforcement and people will pay the price for the ‘Mis-education of the Mosby Marijuana Policy’! #Facts