Sen. Antonio Hayes: Week 3 of MD General Assembly

(ANNAPOLIS – January 26, 2019)

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Today we conclude week three of the 439th Legislative Session, and once again, I am so grateful to serve you on in the Maryland State Senate.

Each week my team and I will keep you abreast of the various legislative activities and upcoming events happening in our community. So please be sure to scroll through these messages until you reach the bottom.

This week I introduced several pieces of legislation 1) To benefit Baltimore City Community College 2) To protect our citizens with Railroad Safety, and 3) To assist the Maryland Historic Society, a significant Institution in the 40th district. You should expect to hear tomorrow and the coming weeks about additional legislation I am proposing in the legislative session. In addition, your 40th District Team introduced several Legislative Bond Initiatives (LBI). Important to note in previous years legislators introduced bills often referred to as “Bond Bills.” This is the inaugural year for LBIs, a new process established for legislators to secure capital funding for their legislative district.

I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow, along with the additional members of the 40th district delegation. Please see details below.

Senator Antonio Hayes
40th District Overview
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My New Bills!
                 Every bill that becomes a law starts with a drop in the “hopper.” This week 4 of my bills were “dropped” and have started their legislative journey!SB0252: Railroad Company – Movement of Freight – Required Crew SB0253: Major Information Technology Development Project Fund – Money Received by Baltimore City Community College – Exemption SB0254: Baltimore City Community College – Procurement Authority SB0255: Abandoned Property in Possession of a Museum
Read more about bills I am sponsoring and co-sponsoring by clicking the link below!
Finance Committee
Since I’ve been appointed to the Finance Committee for this Legislative Session, I have been fully engaged in learning about new issues and legislation that affect our state. For the last 3 weeks, the committee and I have been participating in bill hearings and briefings; where we hear from state agencies, departments, labor unions, advocates and constituents on state issues that effect you the citizens of Maryland. It has been an honor being apart of this body and will continue to uphold this responsibility with dignity and integrity. 

Every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the Senate Finance Committee will host bill hearings:
To learn more about these bills and my committee’s schedule, click here!
Baltimore City Related Bills Update
We’re Live! This Thursday we live-streamed our delegation meeting for the first time! In case you missed it, no worries, you can still tune in by clicking the link below!
Baltimore City State Senate Delegation Meeting – Jan. 24th
During this Legislative Session, the Baltimore City State Senate Delegation will be meeting every Thursday in Annapolis. Yesterday, we began our weekly live-stream of our meetings. Watch every Thursday on the official Maryland General Assembly website. Also, in order to stay updated and receive the live-stream link, follow the delegation’s new social media handles: Twitter @BmoreSenators Instagram: @BaltimoreSenators and Facebook: Baltimore City Senate Delegation

During this week’s meeting we had our delegation bill hearing for the following bills:SB33SB39SB41SB42SB43SB81SB96
Staff Member Spotlight:
Mrs. Lora Mayo is a retired Senior IT Program Manager, who complements the team with experience in IT, performance management and project management.  She is charged with identifying opportunities to improve business processes, developing metrics and constituent engagement.  She has a B.S. in Technology Management, University of Maryland, a M.S., in Information Technology from Johns Hopkins University and is a certified project manager, performance management and public manager.  Mrs. Mayo has completed post graduate work at George Washington University in executive leadership and regional and public partnerships.  
Youth can become a legislator for a day! Youth will learn about the power of advocacy and civic engagement.
Feb. 14th, 8:15am – 2pm
Maryland Arts Day is the largest annual gathering of arts professionals in Maryland. With more than 500 participants, representing every county in the state and Baltimore City, this statewide arts advocacy event connects artists, educators, administrators, volunteers and trustees with lawmakers from every legislative district in Maryland. Maryland Arts Day needs your participation to show strong support for the arts in Maryland and the impact they have on the economic and cultural vitality of the state.

for more information, please visit:
Fun Home Play, Baltimore Center Stage 
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MDDC Credit Union Association, Assistance for those effected by the government shut down
If any of my constituents need assistance in regards to the current government shutdown, you should not hesitate to contact your credit union to find out what help is available and what special programs will best serve your specific situation. 
visit for more information