Who is Doni Glover?

Donald Morton “Doni” Glover is a 25-year journalist who has been building a 21st century media empire since 2002 when he first launched www.bmorenews.com in Baltimore. Bmorenews is a news and information portal focused heavily on the African American community along the Baltimore-Washington corridor, home to some 2 million people of color. Its beat includes business, politics and community. With over 40 visits to the Obama White House under its belt, Bmorenews has also covered news across America, in Africa and the Middle East, Canada and the Caribbean.

In addition to publishing Bmorenews.com, Glover was the radio host of his extremely popular show (The Doni Glover Show) on Radio One Baltimore’s WOLB 1010 AM from 1999 to 2018. Additionally, Glover hosted a news and public affairs show, ‘One Mic’, for a few years on Morgan State University’s WEAA 88.9 FM (NPR) and also provided political analysis on Baltimore’s NBC affiliate, WBAL TV11, since 2000. He’s consequently appeared on every major television news network in Baltimore. Furthermore, Glover’s political insight has been quoted in the major newspapers in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

In 2014, Glover had his national television debut on TV One NewsOneNOW’s “The Roland Martin Show”; the following year, the Freddie Gray unrest in Baltimore would garner calls for Glover from around the globe. He consequently appeared on CNN a few times as well as a plethora of other news outlets – print, radio and television – including McClatchy Newspapers, 103.9 NYC, and Spanish TV.

As an entrepreneur who has been involved during the advent of social media, Glover has meticulously carved out a unique niche in the ever-evolving world of 21st century media. With over4,00 YouTube videos in his arsenal, Glover has utilized most every available tool at his disposal to build a profitable news model. A part of his draw is his keen sense of African and Indigenous history as well as his on-the-ground style of news reporting. Although based in Maryland, Glover has toiled arduously to effectively brand Bmorenews across the globe. His news outlet has been touching followers from over 200 countries for more than a decade.

A critical component to his regional and national ground success is The ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES *NYC *MD *DC *ATL *NOLA that Glover began in 2011. This ongoing business networking initiative, done in memory of the victims of the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, is designed to encourage entrepreneurship, beginning in the African American community. For the record, Glover believes that business and education can best help improve the trajectory of Black America.

The events feature The Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards and are quite often held at black-owned establishments. In short, the awards aim to celebrate black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. An estimated 1,200 individuals of all races have been recognized thus far in 5 US cities: New York, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta and New Orleans. Honorees include the late Mayor for Life of Washington, D.C., Marion Barry.

Speaking of politics, Glover is also the CEO of DMGlobal Marketing and Public Relations, LLC. DMGlobal works with clients, both large and small, who seek to penetrate the African American market in Maryland and DC. Clients include nonprofits, corporations, politicians, lawyers, and artists. The aim has always been to provide the little guy with the same or similar access to media as the big fish.

Glover is also an author. In 2015, his first book, “Unapologetically Black: Doni Glover Autobiography” was released in the midst of the Freddie Gray unrest in Baltimore. He has since done book signings from New York to Atlanta, including at his alma mater, Coppin State University and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Speaking of colleges, Glover also claims Morehouse College, the first college he attended, and Morgan State University where he did his graduate studies in International Affairs.   

As of 2019, Glover and his team have been “laser focused” on producing “The Doni Glover Show” on WMAR ABC2 (Saturdays, 4:30 am). To date the first four episodes are in the can. Further, Glover’s team has expanded the news base to include more national and international news.

Stay-tuned as this guy is just getting started!