Open Letter to Hassan Giordano:, the natural progression

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – December 4, 2018) – On Sunday, my younger brother from another mother posted a message on Facebook about his new radio and video set for his news outlet, It reads: “This weekend, officially moved into our recording studios and office, ready to change the game with a live-stream radio and TV news outlet along with a podcast network filled with hard-hitting programs giving you the latest and hottest news and information, including Season Two of the #DMVDailyRadio Show premiering next Monday, December 10th at our new time 5:00-6:30PM Monday – Friday #MrPolitics #PodcastNetwork#LiveStreamRadioAndVideo.” 

Dear Hassan, our community is so very proud of you. I know I am.

For years, I have watched you toil in the vineyard, planting seeds, watering those seeds, and now, lo and behold, you have done it again! To see you create a media outlet is one thing, but to see you create one with 21st century capabilities is another. Not everyone gets it. It is easy for the untrained eye to look at this latest accomplishment and conclude that what we are about to witness more of the same old stuff.

However, knowing you and having a grasp of your track record, what you’ve done in the past – I am 100% confident that what we are about to experience is nothing short of a Godsend.

For years, young man, you have written about local, state and national politics. You have appeared on every relevant radio and TV show in the area, including “Square Off”. You have also expanded your reach by writing for noteworthy publications that touch all four corners of the United States.

And so, as you and your team are on the brink of pushing the envelope a little further, I just want to take a moment and let the world know how proud of you I am. There are not many people in our industry. Those of us in it know that it is a calling. It is not by happenstance that you are where you are. The Almighty, I believe, placed you exactly where He wanted you to be: writing, speaking on radio, and appearing on television.

Only now, you are the boss, the architect, the driving force, the executive producer.

Having helped so many people, including politicos, now you can do your own thing to an even greater magnitude.

Go forth, dear friend, and light up this world with the truth and with our perspectives that have too often been overlooked or dismissed by mainstream. Give hope to the hopeless, healing to the weakened hearts, and voice to the voiceless. Shine your light as bright as you possibly can to continue on your purpose-driven path and do what God put you here to do.

The heavens are smiling upon you, Hassan. It is your time to shine!