TGR: CONGRATULATIONS to Vegan Soul Fest, a 2018 Finalist for Best Food Festival

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – December 1, 2018) – I refuse to be remiss and not take a moment and congratulate Gregory and Naijha Brown, owners of Land of Kush ( Besides being one of the oldest advertisers on, I have watched first-hand as this “Power Couple” takes the bull by the horns and create their own destiny.  Day by day, I have seen these two diligently work to perfect their business.

Sitting in their restaurant, one sees all races come there for the food. In a city like Baltimore with all of its challenges, the Brown Family typically rises to the occasion so as to forge their way not just in the realm of business, but also in the realm of community.

One thing they brought to the community – along with Brenda Sanders – is Vegan Soul Fest (VSF). Actually, Naijha and Brenda run it. Greg just follows orders (smile). In all seriousness, 5 years ago, the first VSF was held at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center on North Howard Street. The first one had a line of people around the block. The second year, it expanded even more. Five years later, Brenda and Naijha have been able to pull out upwards of 10,000 people.

Simply phenomenal!

Anyway, on December 11th, 5 years of Vegan Soul Fest puts these entrepreneurs on a big stage in Las Vegan to quite possibly bring home the gold. VSF is a finalist for Best Food Festival at the XLIVE Annual Conference and Expo. It is presented by EVERFEST & XLIVE.

The Bmorenews Family – along with countless others – wish them nothing but success!