Maryland Tourism & Travel Summit: Michael Haynie Wins Tourism Person of the Year 2018

Congratulations to Michael Haynie, Sr. of Parkway Management and Consulting Company!

(BALTIMORE – December 1, 2018) – Michael Haynie, a long time tourism professional, won the coveted Tourism Person of the Year award. Michael has devoted his entire professional career to the lodging and hospitality industry. Throughout his professional career, he has shown his commitment to the tourism industry in Maryland. He is always on the front-line fighting for the tourism industry whether it be on a panel, media interview, in Annapolis before the legislature and has gone far as the highest position in the state to give the facts that they need to hear about “tourism.” He was in the front-line fighting with the Comptroller for Post-Labor Day. He saw and knew what the impact of that would be on tourism. He worked to get that passed and it came to fruition and it has made a great impact on tourism in the State of Maryland.Michael is a big reason and example of why “tourism” in Maryland is where it is today.

Michael served as Chair of the Maryland Tourism Coalition 2017-2018. In both of his years as chair, he was instrumental in securing the Governor and Lt. Governor’s attendance at three straight Tourism Day events in Annapolis. He served on the Comptroller’s Task force for Tap Reform and served on the Governor’s Task Force for a Post Labor Day School Start (and unbeknownst to many, he was the driving force behind the task force recommendation and subsequent executive order). Michael has testified in the legislature more than 20 times over the course of 13 years for various Tourism related funding bills, initiatives, etc. Most recently, Michael helped secure an additional $1 million dollars from the Governor for the Maryland Tourism Development Board. He has volunteered hundreds of hours in the Public School systems Hospitality and Culinary related schools serving many times as chair of the board. Michael was named the Tourism Mentor of the year in 2007 and was named the MHLA Hotelier of the Year in 2009. He serves on the Hospitality Boards for Morgan State University, Community College of Baltimore and has served on the board of Anne Arundel Community College Hospitality School.

Michael Haynie has been leading the break-down in some of the cultural and geographical barriers in state tourism and has been the force behindbringing many people and businesses into the mainstream of tourism and understands the need to advocate for the promotion and marketing of tourism in our state.