POLITICS18: THEY SAID IT! Maryland Democratic Delegate Eric Bromwell Does Not Endorse, Will Not Campaign For Ben Jealous

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Jealous Did Not Visit Areas Of Baltimore County, Was Elected In Primary By Voters “Who Have Different Ideologies”

Delegate Bromwell: Jealous Does Not Represent The Best Interests Of Baltimore County Residents

QUESTION: “You’re a Democrat, did you endorse Ben Jealous, and did you campaign for him?”

BROMWELL: “No. No. Like I said, he didn’t come to our area really, I mean nobody has been here to campaign for Ben Jealous. I’ve never met Ben Jealous, I’m sure he’s a very nice guy. But the Democrats who elected him in the primary tend to have different ideologies than the Democrats that I represent – and I am a representative. I have to represent the best interests of  my district. My district has elected both Democrats and Republicans, they’ve told us to go to Annapolis, work together, be bipartisan, and that’s really the only Annapolis that I have ever known. So whether it’s a Democrat or Republican as governor, I’ve worked with everybody, I was elected when Governor Ehrlich was here,I worked with him for four years, I worked with the Democrat Martin O’Malley for eight years, and now I’ve worked with Hogan for four years. It doesn’t mean that I dislike anybody, it’s just a matter of you know, once the election is over you’ve gotta sit down and work together.”