LOS ANGELES: Rebecca Crews aka Regina Madre, Wife of 28 Years to Terry Crews, is stepping out there!

(LOS ANGELES – October 1, 2018) – With her new single on rotation at SiriusXM, Rebecca Crews is stepping out there! For the record, she is the wife of 28 years to film & TV icon, renowned activist, and TIME’s 2017 “Person of the Year” silence-breaker Terry Crews.

Over the last year, Rebecca has been secretly performing as musician Regina Madre, an enigmatic newcomer to the front lines of soul music and until this moment, she has always spoken the emotional truth through her voice, but has concealed the truth of her real identity.  Rebecca has deliberately maintained anonymity in her music career to let her voice itself stand on its own, completely independent from her husband’s mega-stardom.  Now, Rebecca feels empowered to proclaim her true self to the world as she steps out into the spotlight.
Please use the following link to listen and view the new lyric music video: Destiny
Following her recent Indie 100 single “I Keep Holding On” and currently on regular rotation on SiriusXM, Rebecca’s new heartfelt Soul ballad “Destiny” is a powerful story about choices, which is currently being played on Sirius XM’s “Heart & Soul.”  Imbued with heart, soul, passion, and strength, her sophomore single beckons listeners to join Rebecca in the celebration of life, love, and power within themselves. Sparking nostalgia and inspiration within each of her tracks, Rebecca’s sound has an enchanting aura that skirts multiple genres, including jazz, electronic, soul, singer-songwriter and pop, that melds with her unique vocals and poetic lyrics to keep listeners rapt.
Rebecca explains music is part of her DNA: she was born in Gary, Indiana and was raised by musicians whose influence instilled a love for the arts within her from her earliest days.  She honed her craft singing and songwriting while performing in clubs and churches, serving as both a songwriter and music director, all while building her family and business; but her music career was always on her mind and in her heart.  Now, she is ready to claim her throne as her true self, the Queen Mother of contemporary soul, Rebecca Crews.