The Glover Report: Has Murder in the African American Community Become Normalized?

After a murder in S. Baltimore, Councilman Costello puts out an all-call for immediate attention tonight

By Doni Glover, Publisher

(BALTIMORE – October 1, 2018) – I’m simply raising the question: Has murder in the black community become “normalized?”

Last week, Baltimore made national news as the FBI released data that shows that our beloved Baltimore is the most violent city in America. Born and raised in this otherwise beautiful metropolitan area, I love our city. I really love our rich history, especially relating to my community. Names like Enolia P. McMillan and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall come to mind. These were black leaders with large kahunas who were led by faith and not fear. We once had gladiators who stood up for justice, feared no one, and took no prisoners.

Today, however, I am not so sure we still have such leadership, let alone vision. The scriptures state that “where there is no vision, the people perish.” And that’s exactly what I see in Greater Baltimore’s African American community – from Sandtown to Randallstown.

Over-saturated with more group homes than anywhere else in the State of Maryland, I have often shared on the radio how parts of Randallstown and Columbia resemble Sandtown.

And, truth be told, I cannot blame white people, institutional racism, uneven development or the like. While those factors do exist, I also see the role that black people play in our own demise – from elected officials to the drug dealer on the corner.

Black people: What happened to us? Have we thrown away all manner of decency? Have we given up all together?

Drugs are nothing new. There was a time when you had to know somebody who knew somebody to score cocaine or heroin. Now, the drug trade in Baltimore is very much off the charts.

And as for murder, we are now killing females.

From sniffing dope in public to women walking around with panties on their heads, what the hell have we become?

Below is a letter from Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello. While he represents a portion of the black community, this letter is for the whiter part of his district. A white man was killed there recently and he knows that his constituents cannot and will not “normalize” such atrocities.

The thing is, though, hundreds of African Americans have been killed and I haven’t seen a fraction of concern from black leaders. To boot, we have more black elected officials than ever. Tonight, though, Costello has called-in ‘all hands on deck’. Damn! Will such a thing ever happen here in the black community?

Something is fundamentally wrong here in Baltimore and I say that something has to change right away. North and Charles gets redeveloped overnight, yet East and West Baltimore’s landscapes where black people are largest in numbers look like they did in the 60s. I am not sure I have all of the answers, but what is very clear is that the tale of two cities is very much real: One gets attention and the other doesn’t, even after witnessing the first riots in 47 years after the death of Freddie Gray. Baltimore has two distinct communities where the level of attention is glaringly obvious. So, too, are the outcomes. At the same time, all an elected official here can tell me is to continue to vote Democrat! What the … #Baltimore  

Public Safety Forum and Walk on Mon, 10/1, 6-9pm, and Other Critical Updates

Neighbors, this email contains the following information:

1-      Invitation to Public Safety Walk and Public Safety Forum on Monday, Oct 1, from 6-9pm – please attend and let your voice be heard

2-      Previous two updates to date on the tragic murder of Tim Moriconi

3-      Outstanding streetlight issues

4-      Closing comments


Invitation to Public Safety Walk and Public Safety Forum on Monday, Oct 1, from 6-9pm

Please join us (community leaders, neighbors, law enforcement officials, and elected officials) for a Public Safety Walk and Public Safety Forum this Monday (10/01), at 6:00pm. The Walk will begin at Riverside Park Gazebo at 6:00pm, then head down Riverside Ave, stopping on the 1200 block, then turning on E Cross St and finishing at Digital Harbor High School (DHHS) for the Public Safety Forum which will end at 9:00pm. Attendees and agenda are below.


You will be joined by the following:

  • Community Leaders
  • Neighbors from across the Peninsula
  • Baltimore Police Department Acting Commissioner Gary Tuggle
  • BPD Homicide Lt. Mike Newton
  • Baltimore Police Department- Southern District Major Monique Brown
  • Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Director Drew Vetter
  • Senator Bill Ferguson
  • Delegate Luke Clippinger
  • Delegate Brooke Lierman
  • Delegate Robbyn Lewis
  • Councilman Eric T. Costello
  • Baltimore City State’s Attorney Office Marilyn Mosby (invited, but not yet confirmed)



  • 6:00pm – assemble at Riverside Park Gazebo. Brief remarks from Riverside Neighborhood Association leadership and other officials.
  • 6:15pm – leave Riverside Park Gazebo and head north on Riverside Ave, stopping at 1200 block of Riverside Ave. Continue toward E Cross St and turn east bound toward DHHS.
  • 7:00pm – arrive at DHHS for forum. Brief remarks from Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association leadership and other officials listed above.
  • 7:20pm – public input, including comments and questions for officials listed above.
  • 9:00pm – end.


** Please note that Riverside Neighborhood Association was kind enough to change timing of their regularly scheduled monthly walk which is regularly on the first Monday of the month at 7pm, starting at Riverside Park Gazebo. **


Please share the following on social media with your neighbors:







Previous two updates to date on the tragic murder of Tim Moriconi

UPDATE #4 – Reward Poster

*** Please note the picture in the poster is of Tim Moriconi, NOT of the suspect. It is standard for Metro Crime Stoppers to put a place a picture of the victim. ***


Please see the attached reward poster from Metro Crime Stoppers, Inc of Maryland and Baltimore Police Department. Homicide detectives are actively investigating this incident. Anyone with information is asked to call 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup. You can also text tips to 443-902-4824.


In the meantime, please know there at least five Detectives working this case around the clock. The lead Detective is who I would consider the very best in the City. If you have any information available, I urge you to reach out via the information above to help the Detectives solve this vicious crime.


UPDATE #3 – Increased Public Safety Patrols on the South Baltimore Peninsula

I spoke w/ the Acting Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle this morning requesting immediate additional public safety resources, to which he agreed, as is often the case in a neighborhood when suffering a tragic act of violence like this. You will notice a visible increase in patrol vehicles on the Peninsula starting this afternoon.


In addition, I spoke w/ Baltimore City Sheriff John Anderson and Assistant Sheriff Sam Cogen today and we will be continuing discussions over the w/e. They committed to providing additional patrol resources starting on Monday, Oct 01.


Finally, Delegate Luke Clippinger has escalated the lighting issues on the 1200 block of Riverside Ave to the top of the line at MyBGE.


Outstanding street light issues

1200 block of Riverside Ave – Delegate Luke Clippinger took lead and requested the 1200 block of Riverside Ave street light outages be expedited. Here is the response from BGE, in green below.

“As noted, the cause of the outage is a cable fault (needing to dig and replace underground cable). In no way, is the following statements to pass blame or shirk responsibility, because I do believe that individuals could have acted to elevate the following issues internally to provide better, more timely service. However, we have encountered the following issues and would appreciate your support in communicating back to the community the importance of complying with posted no parking zone and assisting us with being able to execute this job more timely:


  1. At least three instances when work has been scheduled and no parking signs placed, our crews have arrived to find cars parked in the no parking area. Attempts to contact the City to have the cars towed failed as we did not get any response. Our crews were unable to dig into the street to do work.
  2. A steel plate is covering one of the manholes necessary to complete the work; and until today, we had not been able to get a commitment to have it removed.


This past Saturday, crews arrived to work the cable fault and again found cars parked in the no parking zone. Crews procured additional resources to have a temporary tarp hung to block the vehicles from potential damage and began work.


The finishing work will begin on Monday, 10/1, as the City is scheduled to meet the BGE contractor to remove the steel plate and allow us to finish the work.


Please know that we are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and will notify you when the work is complete. We will also do an internal lesson learned so that we can elevate these types of external issues more timely and work for faster resolution.”


1500 block of Riverside Ave – I’ve called this into BGE after being informed of it earlier today, they are expediting repairs. BGE is expected to be on-site on Monday, 10/01 to begin work to make the necessary repairs.


1600 block of Belt St – I’ve called this into BGE after being informed of it earlier today, they are expediting repairs. I was told by the constituent who reported this that a BGE inspector was on site early-Saturday morning. BGE is expected to be on-site on Monday, 10/01 to begin work to make the necessary repairs.


Other blocks – if there are other street lights out, please send me the details ASAP via email and I will tell BGE to expedite.


In Closing

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing you on Monday evening, please know that it is really important for you to attend and let your voice be heard. Lastly, if you have contacted me on another matter since Thursday and I have not yet responded, please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response, as all of my time has been focused on this and another homicide in the 11th District on Friday around 1:30pm in Upton / McCulloh Homes. Thank you for understanding and I promise to respond soon.





Eric T. Costello

Baltimore City Council, 11th District

(m) 443-813-1457 | (o) 410-396-4816


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