Op/Ed: RANDALLSTOWN: The Center for Social Change: Living Next To Human Cages Written by Lillian M. Webb James

(RANDALLSTOWN – September 25, 2018) – An Intolerable miscarriage of justice has infiltrated the residents in the Randallstown community. A group or an agency which describes themselves as The Center for Social Change (CSC) has marinated the land. A gloomy cloud shadows the once beautiful grass lawns and the original lifestyle of the people living here. The laughter of children playing that once echoed the streets of this blooming neighborhood is now missing. Bicycle riding by small children or teens are no longer seen here. The joys of summer barbecues no longer foster here. People who have lived here for decades now monitor their children, grandchildren, and themselves leaving or coming inside their homes. Neighbors glance at each other coming out their homes wondering what’s going to happen today by these absurd ‘group home’ residents.

We have an infestation of incorrigible derelicts living in the Randallstown neighborhood falsely protected by the Federal Government under the Disability and Mentally Disable Law. This Act and Law has been altered and distorted by the owners or CEOs to disenfranchise a particular area of Baltimore County (Randallstown), thus destroying the safety of families of homeowners that have been homesteaders for years. An incorruptible invasion of peaceful suburban living has been destroyed by agencies owning groups homes deciding to dump their undesirables in one particular area of Baltimore Country by leasing or buying up the homes in Randallstown. This, in my opinion, violates the Fair Housing Act.

Randallstown appeared to be predestined as an opportunity for wealth by the futurist CEO of The Center for Social Change. Their internet website represents them as protecting and helping the disadvantaged. Instead, what they have created is a vast frustration of large vans, buses, employees cars parked or crazed driving up and down the quiet streets of the Randallstown neighborhood continually – morning, noon, and night.
Every day there is a disregard for disturbing this peaceful community.

Children are generally sleeping and the adults are preparing for work in the morning. Noises from these vehicles soon awaken everyone earlier than planned. Blocking of the streets with vans and buses prohibits homeowners from pulling out of their driveways due to the bus or van drivers’ refusal to move. Some of these vans pull into our driveway to turn around with the residents from CSC in them.

Vile acts may be seen by these incorrigible residents daily. Some of them – in broad daylight – urinate or defecate on the front of the lawn, walk around half naked, smoking, and singing loudly for hours outside – as they escape from these houses and walk to other neighbors’ properties. The CSC located on one particular street have approximately 8 young men residing there supposedly going through a gender transition. These disrespectful, despicable, violent men also display homosexual acts by touching one another outside in public.

A feeling of identity theft by this agency bewilders our neighborhood. Weekly exportations of violence by the residents of CSC interrupt the calmness of our neighborhood. Anyone visiting or living on the same streets of these CSC halfway homes has viewed these horrifying disturbances regularly. Although it is not always visible from the outside of these homes, many crude acts of violence must exist inside of these dwellings which ultimately lead outside of the house.

Destruction of these properties include broken windows, front and back doors kicked out by the residents, walls and sidings torn down. CSC employees working in these homes are often seen fighting their clients in and outside of the home. Police cars and ambulances surrounding the property as well as other neighbors’ homes is a weekly depiction of a war zone or a battlefield that may have been seen in a movie. Homeowners’ properties and cars are also damaged by various acts of violence from the group homes. Some of the residents get arrested by the Baltimore County Police and are usually brought back to these houses in a few days. While broken glass shatters the sidewalks, outrageous repairs are performed daily to the structures of these houses leased by CSC by a regular set of their workers. The cost of these repairs must be devastating to the State of Maryland. This is an abuse of funding from our taxpayer dollars. The Nuisance Law of Baltimore County has no jurisdiction over the these homes.

According to a letter by the head of Maryland’s housing inspections states that these houses leased by this agency show “No Violations” for these group homes.

The residents of these houses sometimes walk away from their facility to wander around the neighborhood. Most of the residents (as told to a group of concern neighbors, myself, and Councilman Julian Jones at a meeting with the director) are on medication. The absolute fear of our concerned neighbors witnessing the weekly violence by the residents living in these houses leased by CSC and the barrage of extensive police cars speeding down our narrow streets to handle the uncanny vicious outbreaks in these houses has prohibited parents from allowing their children to play outside or to walk in the neighborhood.

Malicious fear has conquered our small community by a group of corporate bullies seeking to gain wealth by any means possible. Although letters and complaints have been given to our Councilman and Delegates about CSC group homes, yet escalating violence still remains.

A few weeks ago, there was a worker injured by the residents in a half way house. Children walking to school with their parents watched the police tackle several of the residents from the house to the ground and handcuff them. This imprint to a young mind is a long lasting impression of the affects of fear from these residents and the police.

There was never a meeting of any kind to discuss the migration or the proliferation of The Center for Social Change agencies integrating into the Randallstown community. If one were to look up Randallstown on the internet, it will state that it is the community of assistant living and rehabilitation facilities. Deliberate malice has been preformed by the organization of assistant living agencies and group homes to deplete the flourishing development of the Randallstown community.

This small little utopia was once viewed by the newspapers as an affluent and uprising area of Baltimore County for African Americans. New homes were being developed and suddenly all new construction came to a standstill. Lawns and properties were adored by the homeowners. Our mall left and again the community was given no choices or input to decisions except what we could inherit (Randallstown Walmart and now Costo). Randallstown has been robbed by The Center for A Social Change and others like it forcing our millennials to move outside of our community instead of further developing into a land of milk and honey.

This may seem unnatural but I deemed it necessary to confront the power of the architects of evil to request of them to re-locate these 50 or more assistant living and halfway houses out of the Randallstown Community. They have stopped social and urbanization development as well as economic growth. No real estate developers are focusing on building new homes in our area. People do not want to buy a house in an area that has issues with assistant living or group homes. There is no room for education, family, or economic growth.This is not the place for assistant living and halfway homes. Stop destroying and uprooting the seeds planted in our land by former native Americans and African American slaves that formerly helped build Randallstown. The homeowners have human rights also. A designed planned to remove families and create deserts of assistant living and halfway homes has destroyed the ideology of our community family life. Our ancestors want us to have our land back so that we, too, may see our planted seeds grow.

*For years, www.bmorenews.com has reported how Randallstown, Maryland has the highest concentration of group homes in the entire State of Maryland.