Jobs for Baltimore’s youth and a second life for its trashed food

A visit with the Baltimore Compost Collective, the kind of project the city is embracing as part of its war on food waste

(BALTIMORE – September 11, 2018) – Disgusting garbage.

That’s how most would view this pile of banana peels, whole tomatoes, rotting watermelon rinds and more steaming away under the hot sun in Curtis Bay one recent afternoon.

But to 19-year-old Anthony Walton, who was standing atop this mini-mountain of food waste, chopping at it with a long-handled tool, it represents something else entirely:

Opportunity and redemption – for him and for his community.

“They call this black gold,” Walton said, holding up a handful of rich brown gardening compost, the usable product those food scraps are destined to become. READ IN FULL