From Felon to CEO! Tune in at 7 pm ET tonight!

Ever wonder how to bounce back from your mistakes and achieve all of your dreams that might feel so far-fetched? Watch this week’s episode of the Never Settle Show LIVE TONIGHT and be inspired by Roy Castro’s story— he went from being a felon, to becoming the head of NYC’s largest ice cream distributor after getting his GED in prison!

Other great Never Settle Stories featured this week:

Joanie Demer– She went from blogging in her basement to creating an online mecca for coupon lovers nationwide.

Max Bonnstetter– A 13 year old sportswriter who has interviewed everyone from the 2017 Yankees to Kobe Bryant.

Joe Brantuk – VP of New Listings & Capital Markets at NASDAQ, who will break down what it means to go public and launch your business to IPO status.

LIVE from NASDAQ’s studios in Times Square, NYC, we will be streaming, at 7 p.m ET on Facebook.

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See you tonight at 7 p.m ET:


“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.”
Sam Levenson

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